The Rise and Inevitable Fall of Biden

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden points to his doggie bag as he leaves the Buttercup Diner during a campaign stop in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)


The results from Super Tuesday 2 are in and things do not look that great for Bernie Sanders.  Biden managed to pull expected wins in Missouri and Mississippi and Idaho.  He also pulled a victory out of Michigan with Sanders managing to take North Dakota and Washington.  Michigan was the jewel in the crown as we head into the March 17th delegate-rich primaries in Illinois, Ohio, Florida and Arizona.

Three weeks ago, Sanders was poised to take it all.  The best chance for the establishment of the Democrats was a brokered convention.  That scenario is looking less and less likely as votes are cast and Sanders must do the unthinkable three weeks ago- realize he wuz robbed…again.  The Democrat establishment has won day, unlike the GOP side where a true welcome political revolution has taken place.

Although running a more elaborate campaign this time than in 2016, Bernie Sanders was up against a less villainous opponent in Joe Biden.  At this point in the campaign, Sanders is in worse shape than he was four years ago.  Some Sanders supporters are noting that Sanders went somewhat wobbly on immigration when he formerly supported some restrictionist policies.  Others are privately complaining that he became too “intersectionally woke” in style.

So here’s the rub:  Biden will have to now show the American electorate that he is the right stuff of “American leadership.”  And to reach that end, it will require a long, hard and mean look at Biden’s record on trade, on immigration, on foreign policy, Iraq, credit card debt, bankruptcy, and a range of issues.  Biden has a long political career that is vulnerable to attack.  It is not just his gaffes or his mental state that must be ruthlessly examined.  Sanders may have run an organized and sophisticated campaign, but one that failed to deliver a lethal blow.


Biden will not be so lucky with Trump.  Trump is like a blind-folded child ruthlessly lashing out at a pinata.  Sometimes there are misses, but most of the time he gets the candy jackpot.  When you have been in politics for 50 years like Biden, there is a lot of candy in that pinata.  Nobody among the Democrats attempted an attack on Biden’s career, just little hits here and there.

Trump is, it should be remembered, politically undefeated.  And unlike Republicans in the past, he is brutal in his attacks.  Trump plays to win.  He is not pining for a plum appearance on CNN.

Perhaps one of the most satisfying sideshows in the demise of Sanders is the Squad.  Remember them in 2019 being the talk of DC with their comments about Israel, a Green New Deal, and all that “f*** Trump rhetoric?  They relentlessly pushed for impeachment and Pelosi eventually handed the ball to morons like Schiff and Nadler.  Meanwhile, the Squad was on the sidelines shooting spitballs from pea shooters.

Well, the Democrat establishment has spoken with a resounding thud.  Not only is their god-hero, Sanders, likely political toast, but they are now sidelined.  Do they jump on the Biden bandwagon and prove that when push comes to shove they are all just immature windbags, or do they carry the Bernie banners into Milwaukee?

As for Trump and Biden, the President has a knockout punch: China.  It is the same China that is the epicenter of the coronavirus.  It is the same China that Biden mindlessly allowed ascension in the WTO leading to the demise of American manufacturing.  It is the same China where Biden’s son parlayed his last name and relationship to the Vice President at the time into a lucrative payday.  It is China where Trump could have a true legacy and leave Biden in the dust.  It is a policy area where Trump can retire the name of Joe Biden, something Bernie Sanders could only dream about.  Number 45 holds all the good cards and Biden will eventually fold.




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