Could Trump Derangement Syndrome Be a Good Thing?

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Last Sunday, President Trump announced that the world’s most wanted terrorist- Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi- had been located and blew himself up after a successful raid US Special Operations forces.  This sadistic fanatic met a cowardly end taking three of his children with him.  This was a man who led a terrorist group that ruled large swaths of Iraq and Syria engaging in such tactics as rape, mutilations, mass executions, and decapitations in the name of Allah replayed on YouTube.  That night, the President attended game 5 of the World Series between the Nationals and Houston Astros.  His image on the scoreboard was greeted with a chorus of “boos” and “Lock him up.”


Trump followed this up by revealing that he had not notified such luminaries as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff of the drama unfolding against al-Baghdadi.  He rightfully feared that a leak would have put American lives in danger.  Never mind the fact that he, as Commander-in-Chief, is under no obligation to notify these people of an unfolding sensitive operation, the fact he committed this “sin (to the media and Democrats, but I repeat myself), Trump was more than correct to withhold this information until after Americans were safe.

There were no celebrations in the streets after al-Baghdadi was hunted down and killed.  Instead, we were greeted with a glowing obituary of the terrorist’s death in the Washington Post, Trump was accused of pulling a political stunt, and the fact the Demoleakers were left out of the loop was all the talk.  Making matters worse, Pelosi was not notified, but the Russians were notified in Syria.  So, of course, if Russia is involved- since they are under everyone’s bed these days- Trump likes Putin more than Pelosi (actually, not a bad thing).

One can excuse the actions of fans at a Washington Nationals game.  Besides, Houston exacted the ultimate revenge and won the game.  But, this is a city that gave Trump 4% of the vote in 2016.  The immediate suburbs of Washington are quite blue.  One doubts your average non-government employed long-term citizen of DC was in the stands since World Series ticket costs tend to run quite high.


One has to question what motivates the media and Democrats to downplay such a momentous occasion such as the elimination of a horrid terrorist?  Why the hand-wringing over not notifying so-called Congressional “leaders?”  What causes fans at a World Series game to boo a President?

One of the reasons is that Washington DC has become a parody of Alice’s Wonderland.  The outrage expressed in the halls of Congress against imaginary transgressions by Trump makes the nightly news, especially if you are CNN or any incarnation of NBC.  However, it is not registering in the real, non-Wonderland America.  As a Sienna recent poll indicates, voters in key swing states which Democrats must win in 2020 to take the White House seem to disfavor impeachment efforts 53-43%.  At first glance, that may seem like a narrow margin but remember that in 2016 Trump won many of these states by a much more narrow margin.

As this latest supposed scandal and sham goes down the toilet, much like the ballyhooed Russia collusion hoax, a disgraced party will become even more desperate.  Trump all but dared Pelosi to open an impeachment inquiry.  He knows that there is no there “there.”  One suspects a lot of voters in key swing states likewise have realized this.

However, the Democrats are so deranged with hatred of Trump right now and have their supporters among some who claim to be “conservative” that they will become even more desperate and confrontational.  They honestly believe they are correct in direct conflict with irrefutable evidence to the contrary.  They are like the bomb-throwing protester who has tired of peaceful protests and boycotts.


As columnist Pat Buchanan recently asked: “Who wins when leftists go lawless — in liberal citadels like D.C.?”  When leftists go lawless in liberal cities, we see the result as in places like Portland, Oregon where Antifa rules the streets.

Recently, there was a video that went viral on YouTube of a man, apparently on his way to work, being blocked in the street by climate change activists.  The young man, garbed in hospital scrubs, after asking them to move so he could get to work, got out of his car, grabbed their sign and threw it in the street.  After the protester yelled in his face, he threw her phone in the intersection, got in his car and took off.  Several people are heard cheering his actions, and several cars honked their horns in approval.  The protester went off crying and protesting.

That protester was the political equivalent of the Trump Deranged and Democrats.  That brave man who got out of his car and unceremoniously unblocked traffic was President Trump.  And real America- not the Beltway elites and experts or talking head pundits in the media- are all those drivers freed of the obstruction in the road.

 Come 2020, the Democrats may just hopefully find themselves roadkill.


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