Multiculturalism: What Drives Ilhan Omar's Hatred

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Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is a gift that keeps giving, even more so now than AOC who must be pissed at the lack of attention.  President Trump’s tweet heard around the world has put her squarely in the spotlight.  As the lowlights of her career and her history of bigoted, anti-Semitic, and deranged musings become more known, it shines a sad light on her.  Whether they like it or not, the Democrats own her and distance themselves as they may, she is not going away.

What underlies her worldview, that of Democrats, and those of their Leftist apologists is multiculturalism.  Ever since people like her have entered the country, the Left has reminded us that “diversity is our strength” in their never-ending, but failing attempt to create their Multicultural Utopia by even forcefully jamming it down the collective throats of Western culture.

Whether talking about the United States or Europe, the Leftist “intelligentsia” and elitists have somehow discovered the truth that the rest of us rubes just cannot fathom.  Provided we are tolerant, they say, and have the right laws in place, then everyone can live peacefully together.

The West has been more than tolerant and certainly more tolerant than the religion that gave us the likes of Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, and adherents like Keith Ellison.  To paraphrase Thomas Mann, “tolerance in the face of evil is not tolerance; it is a crime.”  Any pushback against the open immigration policies adopted by the Left will get you branded a racist, Islamaphobe, or bigot.

Billboards are popping up about Islam, Judaism, and Christianity has a common father- Abraham.  Since we are all his children, we should act as friendly siblings.  This is the message they try to convey to keep us in slumber under the umbrella of multiculturalism.

Well, multiculturalism and multi-religionism are not the same thing and interchangeable.  Instead, Muslims and well-paid apologists use that umbrella of multiculturalism to shield themselves in non-Muslim lands from legitimate criticisms.  Research it for yourself: Do Islamic leaders in Muslim countries ever extol the virtues of multiculturalism?  Is there any mention of it in the Islamic press in Muslim countries?  In fact, does multiculturalism exist in any Muslim country?  Of course, the answers are “NO,” “NO,” and “NO” to those questions.  Muslim organizations sell this snake oil known as Islam Lite.

One can see how the scheme has played out in Europe.  They are well past the stage of Islam Lite.

This is not intended to denigrate an entire religion.  There are some very good, tolerant Muslims in America who have assimilated into the fabric of American culture.  Yet, there are others who see things differently and who are incredibly out of touch with the 21st-century world.  But, humanity as a whole and America, in particular, must cease the delusion that Islam will ever peacefully coexist with the infidels.

Meanwhile, as we dawdle and twirl thumbs, the slow creep of Sharia law seeps into the fabric of American culture.  Americans have been conditioned by the liberal elite to be tolerant, compassionate, respectful, and accepting of multiculturalism.  Because we have a common progenitor, as the billboards suggest, the beliefs, ideals, and values of Islam are equal to those of Christianity and Judaism.  God may have created all men equal, but he certainly did not create all cultures and all religions equal.

This mythical world envisioned by the Left is great if we are living in Utopia.  However, we are dealing with a religion that does not embrace Western culture, let alone American culture.

Islamic ideology has a face and it is Ilhan Omar.  She is a woman welcomed to our shores and received many benefits along the way- certainly more than she can ever achieve in her s***hole homeland of Somalia.  In a very real way, she is a gift.  As a tolerant nation, intolerant people like Omar now sit in Congress.  To cure the disease, we need to fold the umbrella of multiculturalism.

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