The Culture Wars, Vol. 107: White Supremacy, Gays and Even Jimmy Carter!

Another week and more SJW silliness and tomfoolery.  Leaving aside an obvious subject of scorn- the Democratic presidential debates- let’s look at some other stories that may or may not have made the pages of Redstate recently.


Alyssa’s Stunt Goes Awry

Supposed actress Alyssa Milano recently tried to cash in on the border crisis controversy by showing up unannounced at the Homestead, Florida detention center in her chauffeur-driven Mercedes with these words:  “I’m Alyssa Milano. I’m an actress/activist and I would love to be let in based on a community visit.”  Said the fine folks at the facility opened by Barack Obama: “Go pound sand.”  She then did what any red-blooded SJW would do- retaliated by making a video of her non-visit.

From the “Isn’t He Dead Yet?” Files

Jimmy Carter crawled out of his crypt recently to muse upon the 2016 election claiming Donald Trump did not actually win the election and that he was thus an illegitimate president.  Of course, when you have people like Joe Biden recalling a recent conversation about President Trump with the very-much deceased Margaret Thatcher, anything is possible.  The country is still doing a collective soul-searching over their choice of President in 1976, so Carter would be better served teaching Sunday school and cease commenting on politics.

Odd Perceptions

Past polls of Europeans, based on their exposure to American media, have shown that they believe 50% of the American population is black.  Of course, reality shows that blacks are about 13% of the population.  Now comes word from a Gallup poll that Americans believe that close to 24% of the US population is gay when the reality is closer to 4%.  These results are a little hard to swallow and make it difficult to get behind.  Sorry… I didn’t want to go down that road with the gay references.


Re-education Camps Endorsed

The LGBTQ+ Society at London’s Goldsmiths University recently came up with a unique (or not) idea when they tweeted out (before taking down, of course): “The ideas of [Trans exclusive radical feminists] and anti-Trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through re-education.”  Before you get the wrong idea they are suggesting sending people to the gulag, they also had some kind words about the gulag saying the Stalinist camps were “more compassionate than the western, capitalist notion of prison.”

The Reality of Hate Crimes

Sure to draw the ire of the Black Lives Matter crowd, Prof. Wilfred Reilly recently published a book examining over 400 hate crimes between 2010 and 2017.  Excuse me: he found 400 hate crimes reported between 2010 and 2017 that were proved to be false.  We all know the Left would like us all to believe that America is a seething cauldron of racism where hate crimes are the norm, especially now in the age of Trump.  The professor’s research shows that fewer than one in three reported hate crimes are legitimate.  By the way, Professor Reilly is black.

Why Asians Really Excel Academically

An organization called Center for Racial Justice Education, which receives taxpayer money for research, recently discovered why Asians, on average, score 700 points higher than whites on the SAT and whose per-capita income is, on average, $13,000 greater than that of whites.  It is because Asian students “benefit from white supremacy and their proximity to white privilege.”  Get that?  The reason Asians perform superior to whites is because of white supremacy.  So, if we get rid of white supremacy, then whites will perform superior to Asians again.  Yay!


This is Social Justice: U of Texas- Austin Style

A group calling itself Autonomous Student Network recently tweeted out a not-too-well disguised threat against incoming freshmen.  They said they would post their names and contact information of anyone who wished to join Young Conservatives of Texas or Turning Point USA, two active conservative groups on campus.  The group previously doxxed the names and telephone numbers of pro-Kavanaugh protesters on campus and even the phone numbers of employers urging other students to lead a phone campaign to get conservatives fired from their jobs.  This is Leftist “social justice” in a nutshell.


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