What If Trump Didn't Run in 2020? (A June Update)

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What if Donald Trump woke up one day, looked around and decided he did not need another four years of the crap he has endured the previous three years?  First, the last year of his administration would be a thrill a minute.  But, someone would have to run for the GOP against the likely duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Using the same method used to see what oddsmakers think of the Democratic field, this writer assembled the top ten Republicans.  Of course, the odds are not noted since Trump is running and to post the odds would make everyone look like a long shot.  So here goes:


#10. Ted Cruz (formerly #5)

Although likely a favorite of many here should the hypothetical become reality, bookies don’t see it.  Personally, I’d like to see him replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court and continue his Twitter zingers, but that’s just me.

#9. Tom Cotton (formerly tied at #10)

For someone who shows absolutely no inclinations to be President, oddsmakers don’t see it that way.  Do they know something we don’t?

#8 Bill Weld (formerly unranked)

One supposes he is here because he IS actually challenging Trump in 2020.  Other than that…yeah, I don’t think so.

#7. Ben Sasse (formerly #7)

There is a serious disconnect here between his sometimes virtuous rhetoric and his lack of a legislative achievement.  But then again, if a do-nothing senator from Illinois can say the right things and do nothing yet become President, so can one from Nebraska.

#6. Jeff Flake (formerly tied at #10)

Some people think Flake will run in 2020, Trump or no Trump.  I don’t think so because Flake is a pompous coward who was afraid of running for reelection against a bisexual witch whack job in Arizona’s senatorial race in 2018.  If he was scared of Kyrsten Sinema, imagine what Trump would do to him.


#5. Tim Ryan (formerly #2)

He has kind of dropped out of the public eye, but might feel compelled to re-enter politics should Trump bow out.  However, one does not see too much of an effort to get him back into politics, let alone even listen to the guy now.

#4. Mitt Romney (formerly #9)

Romney went to Washington (finally) and went all NeverTrumpy on us.  The 2012 loser to Obama would likely join Hillary as a two-time loser.  Without Trump to attack, there really isn’t much there for Romney and he’d lose to Biden.  He’d be better advised to do something for the people of Utah rather than consider a presidential run.

#3. John Kasich (formerly #4)

I’ve been seeing and hearing of him lately, so he might be considering a challenge.  If so, Trump disposed of him once and would again.  His only hope is for that opening scenario to play out.  One can rest assured that if Trump decided against a run in 2020, Kasich would be second behind Weld to declare.

#2. Nikki Haley (formerly #3)

If not 2020, definitely a candidate to consider in 2024.  As the former UN ambassador, she did nothing but increase her profile and credentials.  However, it is more likely she’d be a good VEEP selection because…


#1. Mike Pence (formerly #1)

The current Vice President is always the heir apparent in these situations until they officially declare otherwise and bookies also know this.

Notice some names missing.  Since the last time, Michael Bloomberg has dropped off the list.  Also absent are many other candidates from 2016 as even Marco Rubio has dropped off the list.  And until Maryland Governor Larry Hogan officially declared himself out in 2020, oddsmakers still did not place him in the top 10.


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