Kamala Harris: Constitutional Dunce

Kamala Harris - Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

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Kamala Harris left the campaign trail, headed to Washington and participated in Round 1 of the great William Barr smear campaign, otherwise known as his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  While the despicable Mazie Hirono (D-HI) got most of the headlines for her slanderous attacks, it was later Harris’ duty to do the news channel circuit.  She was all over CNN and MSNBC.

The media’s coverage of the 4-hour theater was particularly telling.  One would think the entire Committee was composed of Democrats.  If their purpose was self-puffery while trying to smear Barr, the media was certainly more-than-willing accomplices.  The concern being expressed by Harris was that the White House was putting too much pressure on the DOJ and Barr.  It fits in with the narrative that Barr is a patsy for Trump.

She even went so far as to pen a letter to the DOJ demanding an investigation.  Then Barr refused to testify before a House committee and ignored a subpoena to turn over the underlying “evidence” in the Mueller probe.  The House also demanded the unredacted version of that report and, when thwarted, the Judiciary Committee voted to hold Barr in contempt.  In effect, they held the Attorney General in contempt for obeying federal statutes regarding the confidentiality of grand jury testimony, then declared Barr and Trump a danger to the rule of law and a threat to the Republic… for upholding and obeying the law.  Orwell could not have written a more twisted tale of reverse logic.

When talks broke down between Barr, the White House and the House over Barr’s testimony and the subpoena, Trump had no recourse but to claim “executive privilege.”  By doing so, he protects the Attorney General while taking control of the Mueller report and all the underlying information.  The irony is that these documents have always been available to select members of Congress, but under current law cannot be revealed to the public.  So, why the contempt charge?

The answer is obvious: Barr was handed a slippery document.  Mueller refused to do his duty to either suggest or bring indictment or exoneration.  He left that to Barr on the obstruction aspect.  The Democrats did not like Barr’s ultimate decision.  Mueller managed to politicize the issue by leaving it to the Attorney General and his Deputy.

The fake rage of the Democrats now is that old statement attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson: “When you strike at a king, you must kill him.”  When the whole Russian collusion delusion came crashing down- a hoax perpetuated by a rabid anti-Trump media and Democratic Party- they failed to even nick the king’s armor.  Two years of media bombshells, leaks from Democrats in Congress, and over-the-top accusations by former Obama officials landed with a hard, embarrassing thud.

It should be noted that Trump did not invoke executive privilege over any part of the actual Mueller report.  The fact is that the infamous Volume 2- dealing with alleged obstruction- is available to all House members in 99% unredacted form.  Yet, no Democrat has read it.

This is not a Constitutional crisis, as Jerry Nadler has called it.  His statement holds about as much merit as those from Kamala Harris after the Senate appearance by Barr.  Then, she said that Trump’s executive privilege action and Barr’s refusal to testify before the House coupled with his failure to reach conclusions on obstruction with which Democrats pinned their hopes was a “threat to the independence” of the DOJ.

Just as they are woefully wrong on the obstruction pipe dream, Harris- a lawyer and former prosecutor- is Constitutionally illiterate!  The Department of Justice is NOT an independent agency.  It is part of the Executive branch and whether they like it or not, Trump is head of that branch.  Barr works for Trump, not Congress.  Trump can fire him, he can have him start or stop investigations, and he can confer with his Attorney General.  Moreover, his conversations with his Attorney General are considered private and subject to executive privilege.  And if Kamala Harris or any other attention-seeking rube in Congress thinks otherwise, there is a long line of Supreme Court cases to prove their stupidity.

The Democrats are now an unhinged and disillusioned gaggle of fools.  What has them upset is the fact their entire 2-year narrative went down in flames and they’ve been check mated by the Trump administration at almost every turn.  They are now afraid that Barr’s investigation of what started the investigation will tear apart what precious little hope they still have of taking down Trump.  So they now smear Barr to preempt and, in effect, obstruct his investigations.  They are scared rabbits facing the double barrels of Trump’s promise to declassify the FISA documents and the impending IG report.

But as long as they have an allied press, they can make outrageous comments and suck up airtime on television.  Kamala Harris is a prime example.  Her willingness to make untrue political claims and her ignorance of the Constitution proves what one is up against.  Her partisan colleagues can cheer her on and praise her, but she represents the disservice her Party does to a public willing and demanding to move on.

And she wants to be president?

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