The 2020 Democratic Party Sweepstakes Odds

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Normally I would wait a few months before doing an entry of this type, but with the announcements coming hot and heavy among potential 2020 Democratic Party fruitcakes running for President, I decided to look at what the oddsmakers were saying about the race.  Here are the top ten contenders for the Lightweight crown.


#10 Corey Booker at 18:1 (formerly #5)

As Spartacus roams the country, more and more people are seeing what a clown this guy truly is.  That likely explains his fall from the top 5.  The good news for Booker is he likely won’t fall out of the top 10.  The next nearest one is 23:1 and it possesses the last name of Clinton (and its not Chelsea).

#9 Tulsi Gabbard at 16:1 (formerly unranked)

Most likely breaking the top 10 because she is officially in, she basically replaces Michael Bloomberg who formerly held down this spot.  One thing is certain: she is more pleasant on the eyes than Bloomberg.  She may be the gadfly in the Party’s ointment.  With nothing basically to lose, can she be a voice of reason…comparatively speaking?

#8 Sherrod Brown at 13:1 (formerly #10)

Brown moves up despite not declaring anything yet.  Evidently, the odds makers see something in him and his entrance could potentially steal the thunder of some ahead of him at this early stage.  One has to wait and see on him.

#7 Kirsten Gillibrand at 12:1 (formerly #7)

This ICE-hater and abortion rights crusader is a typical Leftist New Yorker.  She is officially in and she has consistently held down the #7 spot for three cycles of these analyses thus far.  Her roll out on the Colbert Show, however, may have cost her because…


#6 Amy Klobuchar also at 12:1 but slightly better (formerly #8)

One supposes announcing your intention to run in a raging snowstorm while railing about climate change is good for some points with loony birds.  Thankfully, she didn’t drop kick or throw a binder at an aide during her announcement… or demonstrate how to eat a salad with a comb.

#5 Elizabeth Warren at 11:1 (formerly #2)

Chief Liar Liar Pants on Fire, other than Booker’s fall from grace, showed the biggest decline.  When even some within the MSM are saying the use of her fake Native American heritage is becoming problematic, this was to be expected.   Could people be souring on this hag with a voice more obnoxious than that of Hillary Clinton?

#4 Bernie Sanders at 10:1 (formerly #1)

Poor old Bernie keeps rising to the top then falling back.  It sucks to have to compete with these young buck socialists.  Should he beat the odds and become the nominee, Trump would be well-advised to wear a raincoat at a debate lest he be drenched in spittle from Bernie’s mouth.

#3 Robert O’Rourke at 5:1 (formerly #6)

The Beto (Spanish masculine for beta male) is staying in the spotlight perhaps wishing the powers that be beg him to run.  Personally, I would love to see a debate between him and Trump with both wearing white spandex and singing their responses.  Advantage: Trump.


#2 Joe Biden at 5:1 but slightly better (formerly #3)

Talk about your juxtaposition between #2 and #3.  They are almost in a dead heat among oddsmakers.  Perhaps in the end it will be out with the old, in with the stupid.

#1 Kamala Harris at 3:1 (formerly #4)

Not only would she be the first black female president should she prevail (well, like Obama, not really.  Her father is Jamaican-black, and her mother is Indian as in from India- not black), she would be the first to admittedly sleep her way to the top.  Perhaps she can have Justin Fairfax as a running mate.  Guess she loses those lines about Trump’s trysts in a debate.

This writer will keep you informed as events warrant.  At this rate, there may actually be more Democrats in 2020 running than Republicans in 2016.


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