"Not A Man 2020" and Democratic Wile E. Coyoteism

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Well, we almost made it out of February and already there is a clown car of Democrats running for President.  We haven’t heard from Hillary yet, but already we have the likes of Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, some chick no one ever heard of and a whole gaggle of dudes- black, white and Hispanic, old and young, possibly gay and definitely shriveled.  Already, one columnist at the Washington Post, Margaret Sullivan, has penned an article sure to be the template of more to come.  With a record number of women running for President on the Democratic side, the media’s coverage thus far is sexist, so says she.


As proof, she offers up disparaging coverage of how Gillibrand eats fried chicken, or the parsing of Harris’ past sex life.  Regarding eating habits, this writer remembers the eating habits of Trump and Kasich being laughed at in 2016, and Romney in 2012.  There was even commentary about Bill Clinton’s eating habits back in the day, not to mention his cigar smoking habits.  As for the sexual past of Harris, it is laughable that the Left would even go there in light of Roy Moore, Brett Kavanaugh and their treatment of Trump’s sexual past in 2016.  Here I thought feminism was about equal rights.  Little did I realize it was about unequal coverage when it came to presidential politics.

Sullivan and her ilk offer absolutely no cogent argument for why the sex life of Harris or the eating habits of Gillibrand should be off limits, but those of Trump or whoever happens to have a penis is not off limits.  Apparently equal rights is all fine and dandy except when things are applied equally.

So what is this really all about?  Feminists and Leftists are living in a false reality.  They have to erect a wall between their reality and actual reality.  Feminists were traumatized by the fact that that which was destined to be- the coronation of Hillary Clinton- failed to occur.   Even today, they march in their cute little pink hats every year, latch onto and indulge in Russian collusion conspiracy theories, and keep hopes alive of the impending impeachment of Trump for something.


But, here is what reality truly is:

  • Donald Trump is President of the United States;
  • Brett Kavanaugh sits on the United States Supreme Court;
  • Every bombshell reported by CNN and the mainstream media has been a resounding dud;
  • Mueller’s investigation has turned up squat;
  • Some Catholic kids from Kentucky in red hats were not racist after all;
  • A hate crime in that bastion of Trump country- Chicago- in -10 degree weather was a hoax and Hollywood and the media got played like the proverbial fiddle,and;
  • It turns out the Democratic governor of Virginia is a racist and the Lt. Governor is a serial groper  and possible rapist who really likes oral sex.

However, don’t be discouraged because the feminists will always find some woman to defeat Trump.  A truly despicable piece of human flesh, Jessica Valenti, has vowed to vote for “Not a Man 2020.”  That makes for a cool bumper sticker, but hardly a recipe for political success.  Of course, what she truly means is a Democratic woman and looking at this group of misfits with vaginas, it is difficult to see how any of them could accomplish what Hillary failed to do in 2016.

What truly scares them is this: the eventual nominee will be Joe Biden, a man who will be 77 if he is ever elected to the Presidency.  He embodies what every feminist hates; he is a white, he is male and he is heterosexual!  But, there is one redeeming quality- he’s a Democrat who supposedly appeals to white working class Americans, the people Trump won over in 2016.  If these female candidates have any chance of succeeding, they surely know that Biden is the front runner at this early stage of the game.  He may even have Beta O’Rourke as his VP choice, if some reports are to be believed.


Now imagine that it is 2020 and we are in Iowa or New Hampshire.  You have at least six women vying for the vote of feminists.  You know every Che T-shirt wearing Marxist is going to right the wrong of 2016 by reigniting the Bern.   Standing at the top of heap at the end will be (literally) a regular old  Joe- Biden.

While Biden rolls to the Democratic nomination, imagine these feminists explaining how a 77-year-old white dude from Delaware best represents the interests of the sisterhood.  It will be an amazing feat of logical jujitsu.  And here is the kicker:

This entire scenario does not instill too much enthusiasm into the hearts and minds (scratch that…they don’t have minds) of the feminists.  So instead, they begin the accusations of sexism early in a preemptive strike.  Expect the pink hat brigade to hold Biden’s feet to the feminist fire once he enters the fray.  This should be an interesting show to watch unfold.  Popcorn, anyone?



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