Culture Wars #87: Crazy Politicians and a Free Speech Victory

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This week’s edition of the Culture Wars takes us into some strange territory of twisted logic and musings from the whack jobs on the Left.


It’s All Trump’s Fault

According to Rep. Al Green who looks like he’d be a really good soul singer circa 1972, the shenanigans of politicians in Virginia are all attributable to President Trump.  He is so worked up about Democrats dressing in blackface and/or KKK garb that he is calling for the impeachment of a Republican President over the actions of Democratic politicians!  In fact, Green has apparently created a term for this: “trickle down bigotry.”

Meanwhile, Over at Yale University…

Isis Davis-Marks is a “journalist” at Yale University who writes for a newspaper, the Yale Daily News.  Ms. Davis-Marks is coming after every white person out there.  When they appear on CNN or wherever, she says, she’s taking notes on their behaviors from years past and will have no shame in revealing the racist intent behind every utterance by a white boy.  Says the crazy moonbat: “I’m watching you, white boy. And this time, I’m taking the screenshot.”  

Not To Be Outdone…

Leda Fisher, another aspiring journalist at Dickinson College who looks like she could benefit from a celery-only diet, had this headline: “Should White Boys Still Be Allowed to Talk?”  She says that in honor of Black History Month, every real black person should make a vow not to listen to white boys about anything, especially politics.  She’s so adamant, she even used the phrase “Godd***” in the article.  Oooohhh…


And While On the Subject of Race…

Pramila Jayapal is a despicable liberal Congresscritter from Washington state.  Obviously in favor of paying reparations to the 5% of current African-Americans who can trace their ancestors to slaves in America, Jayapal believes that reparations should extend beyond just blacks.  Jayapal believes that the government owes reparations to families who entered the country illegally.  They screech: “The US government should make reparations for what we have done to these families.”

California Democrats Change Language

The California Democratic Party is splitting its delegates into two categories based on gender.  Henceforth, there will be the “Self-Identified Female” category and the “Male/Other Than Self-Identified Female” category.  This comes on the heels of the state Senate banning the use of the offensive words “he” and “she” in committee hearings.  Perhaps, they should add a third category: “Certifiable Freaks.”

Only in America

Eight illegal immigrants who were caught entering the country are suing the government for millions claiming “trauma” and “inexplicable cruelty.”  The government has six months to respond before they can carry through with their claims that ICE intentionally harmed children to “advance a policy objective.”  The Left is, if nothing else, original.


He Gets the Last Laugh

Dave Assman (pronounced Oss-man) applied for a vanity plate bearing his last name with authorities in Saskatchewan.  The government denied the request claiming it was an “unacceptable slogan.”  Exercising his free speech rights while they still exist in Canada, he adorned the back of his pick up with a decal bearing his infamous name in the shape of a Saskatchewan license plate.  Dave Assman…  crusader for free speech rights everywhere!



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