The Culture Wars #86: Fighting Feminists and Islamophobic Sneakers

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Another week and some more craziness.  While the country was lulled into sleep by the Super Bowl, thank God there was some excitement out of Virginia to keep America awake.  Here are some more overlooked stories:


A Sad Day Indeed

It is a truly the end of an era and the start of another.  In Washington, DC, it was announced that the first all-female troop of the Boy Scouts had been formed.  The oxymoron is so obvious only a moron could not get it.   One young member, Tatiana Johnson- age 11- said, “It brings unity to the female gender.”  It also proves an 11-year-old can remember lines force fed to her.  Any family with an iota of sense with a young boy should seriously consider NOT enrolling their son in the nearest Boy Scout troop.

Feminists Eating Feminists

There is a new breed of feminist- Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.  They believe that men who think they are women cannot be true feminists because… well, they’re men.  They got that part right.  One such person brought to light the fact that a male prisoner, who identified as being a woman, was transferred to a woman’s prison in Maryland whereupon they committed at least two rapes of women.  For this, the young woman, a self-professed lesbian named Julia Beck was kicked out of the Baltimore LGBT community.

Adidas Commits and Apologizes for Thought Crime

In honor of Black History month, Adidas committed the ultimate thought crime.  They created a new Ultraboost sneaker inspired by the Harlem renaissance and the contribution to American culture by African-Americans in the 1920s.  There was one problem: the shoe in question was white.  After the obvious backlash, the company apologized for their insensitivity and pulled the shoe off the market.


Some Leftover Football Musings from AOC

Not content to make a fool of herself with a Green Energy New Deal, AOC recently defended her proposed 70% on people making more than $10 million by attacking NFL owners.  Tweeted the Bronx Latina Bombshell: “The average NFL salary is $2.1 million, so most players would never experience a 70% rateThe owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick would, though.”  One wonders what the 152 NFL players who make at least $10 million think, many of them black and all of them much better players than Kaepernick.

Harry Potter and Tom Brady

It seems Daniel Radcliffe, a/k/a Harry Potter, has a problem with Tom Brady, who happened to have just won another Super Bowl.  Speaking to a media outlet at the Sundance Festival, Radcliffe took exception to the fact Brady was once spotted with a red Trump hat in his locker- in 2016 which was three years ago.  Liberals, especially minimally talented ones from England, hate football especially when a person like Brady wins Super Bowls while their hero, Colin Kaepernick wins a seat at the unemployment office.

Another Reason to Hate Columbus

Accused of genocide and other atrocities, researchers at a university in England have now laid global warming at the feet of Columbus and those other Westerners who colonized the Americas.  Because Columbus and others killed off so many indigenous people, it caused areas previously dedicated to Stone Age agriculture was reforested causing CO2 levels to drop ushering in the Little Ice Age.  Of course, this assumes these noble savages practiced an agricultural existence greater than any of their Western oppressors.  They couldn’t even make beer!  And here I thought the colonists deforested the land.


Racism for Thee, But Not for Me

Bill Maher is a smarmy liberal who sometimes gets it right.  Not so this time.  While interviewing Texas Republican Congressman William Hurd, the Congressman, who happens to be black, explained that he was with the CIA for ten years.  He explained that he was the guy in back alleys gathering intelligence to keep America safe.  Responded the woke host, “That’s where you collect them, huh?  By the Popeye’s Chicken?”  Can you imagine the uproar if a conservative put the word “chicken” in any question asked of a black person, let alone Maher’s obvious racial stereotype?




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