The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: Ayanna Pressley- The AOC Mini-Me

Ayanna Pressley at the Unity Rally - Cambridge, MA by ElizabethForMA, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

Ayanna Pressley at the Unity Rally – Cambridge, MA by ElizabethForMA, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0/Original

The last of of our four moonbats in Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts who, like her equally moonbatty counterpart in the Bronx, unseated an entrenched Democratic liberal incumbent, Mike Capuano, because he failed to have the correct skin pigmentation.  In Pressley’s case, at least she did not hide from that strategy.  In fact, she self-admitted that she and Capuano differed little, if any, on the issues.  Instead, she ran on a racial identity strategy without calling it such (they never do).  As the Boston Globe explained it, Pressley- a member of Boston City Council- gave a tearful farewell as fellow crazies AOC and Rashida Tlaib looked on with appropriate tears from the gallery.  Such is the tightness of this “squad” of miscreants.


As the least known of the four horsewomen, she may actually pose the most danger.  She may come off as “voice of reason” at times, but make no mistake, this is a socialist through and through.  The stealth socialist is the most cunning of that breed of critter.

Her campaign stressed her work on City Council and attempts at liquor license reform.  That reform at the state level allowed Boston to issue up to an additional 75 new liquor licenses.  Pressley’s goal was to ensure that many of them were targeted for “disenfranchised” areas of the city.  At the very least, should a race riot ever break out in Boston, looters will now have an additional 75 targets… after the wig shops.

Unlike Joe Crowley in New York, Capuano actually showed up to debate Pressley in the primary election campaign.  Although there were precious few policy issue differences, some did emerge.  For example, Pressley was one of the first public figures (in 2016, the New York Times named her one of the top 14 Democrats to watch) to jump aboard the abolish ICE train.  She also said she would never vote for a border wall even if Trump relented in every other area on immigration reform.

In fact, during one debate she took a more aggressive stance and tone against Trump.  Pressley is more of a knee-jerk person when the issue of a Trump impeachment is discussed.  While Capuano actually voted to proceed with an impeachment effort, he was willing to listen to the results of a House investigation.  Pressley said there was already enough evidence to impeach Trump although when pressed, she failed to mention anything specifically.  She is certainly not the person I would want on my jury.


Another area of disagreement was over the development of luxury real estate ventures in Boston.  Pressley said more money should be diverted to provide affordable housing for low and middle income people in the city.  However, when on City Council, she voted to approve the $1.3 billion Winthrop Tower development, but she had a reason: they promised to hire minority construction companies and workers.  It also did not hurt that the developers donated $1,250 to her campaign after the vote.  As recently as 2016, while campaigning for Clinton, she highly criticized Bernie Sanders proposals for universal healthcare and tuition free college, yet stands for it now explaining that “the world has changed” since.  Actually, the only thing that changed between then and now is Trump is President.

If there were any fireworks, it was over Capuano’s vote for the so-called “Blue Lives Matter” law.  Pressley said she would have voted against it stating: “We are holding up the dignity and life of police officers, and, meanwhile, we are not getting justice for the black men in this country who are being murdered every day…”  Um… the black men being murdered every day are being killed by other black men, an issue she seems to be short on when it comes to facts.  And taking on her own party, she actually stated a shred of truth: “Do black lives only matter in election years when our votes are at stake?”


Unlike the other three horsewomen, she actually has a winning pedigree of electoral success albeit at the local/city government level.  At least she is not as virulently anti-Israel/pro-terrorist as her counterparts, although the jury is out until a vote comes up on the issue.  Instead, she seems like someone who hitched onto a star at the right time.  Perhaps the stars aligned along with the braids in her hair.  Don’t laugh.  Pressley herself once said “…anything black women do is political. And it doesn’t end with our hair. That’s just usually where it begins to play.”  Hence, after getting and now sporting her Senegalese twist three years ago, she now insists: “I just really loved it. I felt my most authentic and powerful self.”

This is one sister taking her braids into battle.  Unfortunately, they may be twisted too tight given her progressive credentials.  It is hard to take down a Democrat so far to the Left like Capuano by going harder to the Left, but Pressley did it.  You have to give her some begrudging kudos for that.  Her lurch to the Left plus the pigmentation of her skin managed to get her to Congress.  Well played, sister…well played.




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