The Culture Wars, Vol. 83- Jan. 22, 2019: Hairy Women, Comedians and Ballet Stars

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It’s that time again- a descent into the wacky, loony world of the Left.  Here are the seven stories that piqued this writer’s interest lately:


He’s Still Around

Once again, the Parkland pimp for gun control, David Hogg, managed to produce yet another cringe-worthy comment, this time in relation to immigration.  Said the punk with the pompadour, “No one is illegal on stolen land.”  He proves once again that marginal SAT scores and revisionist history can earn you a ticket into Harvard.

We Demand Our Football in the Interest of Racial Equality

Eleven black football players are suing the Maricopa County (Arizona) Community College system over their decision to drop a football program.  They claim this decision violates federal law because it “disproportionately affects African-American students who make up 62% of the rosters.”  This move is expected to save the colleges almost $1 million annually.  The students are seeking reinstatement of the program and damages for suffering the “indignity of discrimination” and “severe anxiety about their future.”

The Media’s No Good, Downright Rotten, Terrible Week

Twice in the span of less than five days, the mainstream media was left with egg on their proverbial faces. The first was the erroneous Buzzfeed article about Trump and Michael Cohen.  It took a slap down by Robert Mueller’s office itself to throw water on the calls for impeachment.  Yet, that did not stop the media from almost nonstop jibber-jabber about something that isn’t true.  Then there was the case of the Covington Catholic School kid and the Native American drummer who gives drummers a bad name.  Said George Stephanapolos on ABC: “It was a teachable moment.”  Indeed it was- like shut the hell up, stop rushing to judgment, and stop making assumptions because, you know… the kids were wearing red baseball caps.


We Are Half Way Through Januhairy

According to People magazine, the trendy thing for women to do this month is let their body hair grow uncontrollably.  It was started by Laura Jackson, a drama student at Exeter University in England.  It seeks to liberate women from the uncomfortable constraints of shaving. What will they think of next?

The Tale of the Shunned Canadian Comedian

No, I’m not talking about Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  Instead, the person in question is Zach Poitras, a white Montreal comedian who committed the ultimate social justice crime: cultural appropriation.  Said the owners of the Snowflake Comedy Club (seriously- that is its name), Poitras is not welcome because he wears his hair in dreadlocks.  Although the style itself is dreadful, owners of the club state that it is a place that is safe from such transgressions.  Hence, Poitras is banned from getting on stage and making fun of white people.

The Tale of the Shunned Ballet Star

Sergei Polunin is a Ukrainian-born ballet star, considered one of the best in the world.  Unfortunately for the snowflakes in the world of ballet, he breaks the mold since he is proudly heterosexual.  In fact, he is considered the “bad boy” of ballet, if such a thing is possible.  Recently, the Paris Opera House recently declared him persona non grata in their performance of “Swan Lake” after he went on social media to declare: “Man should be a man and woman should be a woman.  That is why you have (slang for testicles deleted)…”  Undeterred, he then took on the world of opera after his banishment noting the rampant obesity among opera singers.  Hence, he is guilty of a twofer: not bowing to the gay mafia and fat-shaming in the span of a week.


Family Is Homophobic

According to reports, a Google executive used the F word- “family-” in a 2017 presentation.  This did not sit well with many snowflake employees who described the term as “homophobic” since “family” infers a man, a woman, and children (they got that part correct).  The executive even apologized for his transgression which led to much hand-wringing and consternation in the Google executive offices.  Said one internal memo: “The use of ‘family’ as a synonym for ‘with children’ has a long-standing association with deeply homophobic organizations.”


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