Culture Wars 82, January 15th: Racist Earthquakes and the NFL

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The Sad Tale of Five Sucky NFL Head Coaches


You’ve probably heard by now that ESPN and other liberal outlets have discovered that at the conclusion of the NFL season, four head coaches- all of whom happened to be black- were fired.  With the earlier firing of Hue Johnson in Cleveland, a team that actually improved after he was fired, that brought to five the number of black head coaches fired this year.

There is something else they share in common besides the pigment in their skin- they all sucked!  Not counting Johnson, their combined record was a pitiful 19 wins against 45 losses.  But, by today’s ESPN standards, a .300 winning percentage is grounds for retaining their losing services because… you know…they’re black.

BUT, There Is a Solution

With the new Democratic-controlled House now installed, Texas weirdo Sheila Jackson-Lee plans to introduce a bill calling for the creation of a committee to look into financial reparations for slavery.  No doubt, this will lead to the reinstatement of five black coaches in the NFL..

The Inherent Racism of Earthquakes

According to the local NAACP chapter in Portland, Oregon a recent policy to label brick buildings in danger of collapse during an earthquake is racist.  Says the civil rights organization, the policy “…exacerbates a long history of systemic and structural betrayals of trust and policies of displacement, demolition, and dispossession predicated on classism, racism, and white supremacy…”  


Redefining Hazing

Last March, a predominantly Latina sorority at the University of Virginia- Sigma Lambda Upsilon- was suspended for violating the college’s hazing policy.  No- there was no chugging contest, no bare-butted paddling, or any other such thing.  The transgression?  A requirement that members of the sorority study 25 hours per week.  Hopefully, the young Latinas will win their lawsuit against the university and have their privileges reinstated.

If You Ever Wondered Why the Chinese Are Beating Us

If you ever wondered why the US is falling behind our international counterparts in education, look no further than the University of Massachusetts which is offering- for a $1,128 fee- a course in ecofeminism.  According to the course description:, the course covers the “study of ecofeminism as systems of oppression based on race, class, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity that stem from a cultural ideology that enables the oppression of nature…”  Meanwhile, the Chinese just landed a spacecraft on the dark side of the moon.  But, at least US graduates will be able to apply ecofeminist analysis to literary texts.

More Tales From the Losers Basket

The increasingly irrelevant Rick Wilson, still smarting from the loss of his 16 buddies in 2016, has landed a new gig- alleged conservative commentator on CNN.  Like the obese Ana Navarro before him, his schtick is based on bashing Trump and his supporters.  On Don Lemon’s show, he said: “The wall has always been a con for Donald Trump’s credulous rube ten-toothed base…”  Wilson, Navarro and Lemon…what a crew CNN has assembled.


Thanks, Arizona

Arizona did the nation favor of getting rid of Jeff Flake.  Unfortunately, they foisted upon us Code Pink weirdo Krysten Sinema who was sworn into office by placing her hand on a law book, not the Bible.  According to the Left, she is their most qualified candidate in the entire Southwestern United States which means she is bisexual.  She is also an avowed feminist who once asked witches to attend a 2003 antiwar rally.  So Arizona now has the honor of sending the first feminist bisexual witch to the Senate.  Now, that’s progressive!!!!



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