From LeBron to the Olympics, Political Correctness Run Amok

According to Business Insider, the two most respected sportsmen in the world today are Cristiano Ronoldo and LeBron James.  Most of our readers are familiar with the latter, but Ronoldo is a Portuguese soccer player considered one of, if not the, best soccer players of all time.  Ironically, both find themselves enveloped in a political correctness maelstrom (or S***storm, if you will), but for differing reasons.


James regurgitated lyrics from a rap song on his Instagram account that appeared “anti-Semitic.”  Those lyrics were, “We been getting that Jewish money.  Everything is kosher.”  Leaving aside the grammatical errors which seem to define rap music in general, James was raked over the coals of political correctness for which he did his penance by apologizing and saying he meant to offend no one.

Stereotypes often have shreds of truth.  With regards to “Jewish money,” there is actually statistical proof in the fact that Jewish people tend to have higher incomes and wealth than their non-Jewish counterparts.  Of course, none of this in any way infers that Jewish bankers control the world’s wealth.  Instead, it was the socially-conscious out there who made that leap of logic and assumed that LeBron James had somehow found his copy of The Elders of Zion.  But to illustrate the truth in some stereotypes, look at the reaction when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed to have some Jewish blood in her veins.  People were incredulous.  Said one Jewish person: “If she were one of us, she’d be able to afford to live in DC.”

In effect, James received the Kevin Hart treatment.  He, you may remember, disinvited himself as host of this year’s borefest known as the Oscars because of some comedic remarks concerning gays (which happened to be true).  Of course, people tended to forget that Hart was a comedian and what he jokes about on stage may not be what he really feels in his heart.  I no more think that Kevin Hart is a homophobe anymore than I think LeBron James is an anti-Semitic member of the alt-right.


Cristiano, on the other hand, finds himself in different hot water and like a certain Supreme Court nominee recently, has been declared guilty of sexual assault based on an accusation by a Las Vegas model in 2009.  Why she waited nearly a decade to bring this to light remains unclear, although dollar signs may have something to do with it.   Leftist rag, the New Republic, is attempting to shame Cristiano’s team and sponsors to abandon the star.

The fact is we do not know any of the details of the case other than the fact it allegedly happened in Las Vegas, involved the world’s highest paid soccer star, and a model hired to hang in front of bars to lure in male patrons.  When there are sexual assault allegations, there is a deep bias in favor of women despite the fact that research shows false rape allegations are five times more prevalent than false reporting of other crimes.  Perhaps this current bias is because in the past way too many actual rape allegations were dismissed out of hand, or the female was made to be the guilty party.

Instead, this current bias to believe the accuser at all costs before all the facts are in is nothing more than political correctness run amok, and dangerously so.  It can cost an athlete millions of dollars in endorsements, or it can keep a highly qualified judge off the Supreme Court.  Political correctness supposedly seeks to realize fairness and correct past wrongs.


In reality, political correctness is nothing but a power grab from the perpetually offended mish-mash of interest groups out for revenge.  In their vocabulary, it is called social justice.  The main symptom is a crazy touchiness to Instagram remarks by a NBA star or a comedian. When it comes to sexual assault, it is the presumption of guilt.  This political correctness bought Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers, a lifetime ban from the NBA for private remarks he made to his girlfriend about associating with black stars.

Today, we have elevated athletes onto pedestals and given them political responsibilities.  Unfortunately, we are often entertained with irrelevant and ignorant utterances from these stars.  They are not only a public nuisance, but political correctness is killing sports in general.

Look at the recent firing of black coaches in the NFL after the current season.  ESPN talked about the four black coaches fired and added a fifth- the Cleveland Browns’ Hue Johnson during the season- as evidence of the inherent racism of the NFL owners.  They ignore the fact that the four fired head coaches, besides sharing the fact they were all black, also sucked and had a .300 winning percentage.

Then there is the case of Mack Beggs who, although born a female, believes they are male.  They are an 18-year-old wrestler in Texas, a state that has not jumped on the politically correct bandwagon, and insists that a wrestler compete based on the gender on their birth certificate.  Although possessing female plumbing, Mack nevertheless is taking testosterone to assist their transition.  Mack Beggs is also the champion of the Texas Class 6A 110-pound division girl’s wrestling division.  Thus far, at least three real girls have forfeited matches against Beggs fearing injury.


According to the International Olympic Committee, transgender athletes are permitted to participate, but must be under a certain level of testosterone for at least a year before competing.  Transgender athletes will be allowed in the 2020 Olympics.  But now, LGBTQA+ activists are complaining that the testosterone testing is discriminatory and that “it is a human rights issue.”

When human rights are involved, people tend to get touchy and they tend to jump on the bandwagon.  Thus, it is likely that the testosterone rule will be jettisoned in the interest of the feelings of a few misguided souls who think they possess something other than that with which they were born.  Eventually, the female athletes at the Olympics will look suspiciously like the faculty and students of a college Gender Studies department.

Meanwhile, in order to correct the inequity of the lack of female coaches in the NBA, Sports Illustrated has been quite active and vocal in this area.  Some NBA players have endorsed the idea, but the NBA is full of arrogant, highly competitive and testy personalities.  Does a stint on a WNBA team, or a degree in sports management mean a woman can successfully coach an NBA team?  When fired, ESPN will be there to decry the situation.

The idea that women deserve to coach in the NBA, or any other male sports league, is so silly from the start.  The fact is nobody deserves anything by virtue of their genitals.  But to solve this question once and for all, let women compete in the NHL, NBA and every other sports league.  Let men compete in their female counterparts.  Eliminate men’s and women’s categories for all Olympic sporting events and let men compete against women.  Then when the body count starts to pile up, let’s see where the politically correct stand.



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