The Culture Wars #80: Top Seven Liberals You Wish Would Just Go Away

Well, it’s the end of the year and the country survived another predicted apocalypse, otherwise known as the Trump presidency.  We’re all still here although more people are employed and more people are keeping more of their hard-earned money.  That is not good enough for some people- mainly Leftists and their allies, the NeverTrumpers.  Here’s my list of the top seven obnoxious social justice vermin you wish would just go away.


#7. Alyssa Milano

She managed to get her face and Twitter feed into just about everything this year.  She even managed to get a seat at the Kavanaugh circus at the invitation of Diane Feinstein.  Whether it was gun control, feminism, MeToo… you name it, Milano was there ready with a comment or Tweet.  Unfortunately, she proved herself to be a jackass with every comment and Tweet.  She needs to concentrate on an acting class and lay off the social justice in 2019.

#6. Michael Moore

Remember his latest borefest of a documentary was supposed to bring down Trump once and for all?  Remember he suggested that the faithful surround the Capitol building, preventing Senators from entering and voting for Kavanaugh?  As for his movie, he forgot one important thing: people have to see it first.  As for the second item, well… Kavanaugh was confirmed and sits on the Court.  This makes Moore 0 for 2 in 2018.  However, he does win the award for most rotund jerk, although Bette Midler is giving him a run for the money in that category.

#5. Hillary Clinton

The hack queen of Chappaqua just will not go away.  She still is crying about losing the election in 2016 and just cannot seem to find an excuse she can stick with these days.  Was it the Russians?  Was it sexist voters?  Was it that damn Electoral College thing?  She needs to take a cue from the Evil Queen in Snow White and look in the mirror at why she lost.  Her touted tour with her husband, serial groper and cigar aficionado  Bill, was met with more empty seats than filled.  That should tell her something.


#4.  Any Former Comedian Who Stopped Being Funny a Long Time Ago

I’m thinking of the bearded and deranged Jim Carrey, Chelsea Handler, Kathy Griffith (yes..she’s still around), Steven Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Myers (not very funny from the start), and Rosie O’Donnell, among others.   Throw in the entire cast of Saturday Night Live (save, perhaps, Keenan Thompson) and I am sure there are more out there.

#3. Andrew Cuomo and Don Lemon

These are two of the most obnoxious CNN on-air personalities.  Whether it is the pontificating from Lemon or the smarminess of Cuomo, they literally make one’s toes curl with their silly banter.  According to Lemon, Trump could cure cancer tomorrow and it would be an indication of his white nationalistic tendencies, or the work of Russians.  Then again, nobody really watches their drivel given CNN’s dropping ratings, so the market may be doing the job.

#2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Allie from the Bronx (but raised in an upscale suburb) talks like a valley girl.  You know she needs to go when Cornell University opened an exhibit of her footwear.  She may be pleasant on the eyes, but harsh on the ears.  Considering she won a race in which a sea slug running as a Democrat would have won, the outsized publicity afforded this member of Mensa (sarcasm intended) proves one thing: Boston University did a terrible job of educating this dolt.  Unfortunately, the recently knighted “future of the Democratic Party” will be around for the next two years providing ample fodder for ridicule.  Perhaps, that is for the better.  And to those who do not believe the opposition should be ridiculed, a big, sloppy raspberry to you! Pbfllltttt!!!!


#1. David Hogg

More than a year after Parkland, Hogg remains in the headlines.  He’s like a case of herpes that won’t go away.  This pompadoured punk pimp of the gun control movement displayed his hypocrisy by hiring ARMED guards for his loser book tour.  Well, you know…those crazy NRA members might want to take him out.  It should be remembered that this kid came to prominence by hiding in a closet, cell phone in hand broadcasting on YouTube as students and faculty were being shot in another building.  It is sort of verboten to poke fun at these survivors of a school shooting tragedy, but Hogg invites the scorn heaped upon him.  Please…just go to Harvard and get that non-existent degree in Political Science and shut the hell up.

Be back next week with a regular edition of the Culture Wars.  The database of silliness has been building up.




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