Culture Wars, #76: Controversy in the World of Canadian Curling

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Welcome to the wacky, crazy and sometimes absolutely demented world of social justice and all the wacky, crazy and definitely demented actors within it.


Moron of the Week

We have a tie this week between singer Rihanna and Alyssa Milano.  In response to the use of tear gas against the barbarians at the southern gates…er, asylum seekers, Rihanna accused the Border Patrol of engaging in acts of “terrorism.”  But, Ms. Milano- who has gained more television face time and media attention as a social justice warrior than as a television and B-movie actress was even more unhinged tweeting out:

You tear-gassed women and children, asswipe! And on Thanksgiving weekend, you piece of s***, a**hole, motherf*****g, evil-creature-person!!

Another One Bites the Dust

CBS announced the cancellation of their alleged sitcom “Murphy Brown.”  Apparently Hollyweird may be getting the fact that TV viewers do not want aging (or young) Hollywood snots giving us social justice lectures disguised as comedy.  This reboot lasted a mere 13 episodes after scoring near record low ratings and vastly underperforming in the key 18-49 demographic.  As for the 6 million average viewers who did watch the show, try “Last Man Standing.”

Sign Me Up for This One

I am sure everyone will be ponying up the $475 to attend the “Heal From Internalized Whiteness” workshop being offered by Everyday Feminism.  For that fee, you can connect with your inner white supremacist in order to combat racism in Trump’s America.  They will also be taught how to talk to other white folks about racism.


The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Allie from the Bronx recently tweeted out that there will be massive deaths if we do not address climate change immediately.  She suggests the formation of a Select Committee on Green Energy (don’t we already have them?) and disallowing anyone from the fossil fuel industry from participation (which would have some First Amendment violations implicated).  She forgot that there are few of us left to kill off from climate change given the number of deaths attributed to tax reform, gutting Obamacare, and negating Net Neutrality.

Can’t Wait For the Lawsuits Over This One

A proposed law in New York would require potential gun owners to submit their social media profile and search history before any license is considered.  Imagine that: saying something on social media the government does not like could cause you to simultaneously forfeit your First and Second Amendment rights.  You got to hand it to the People’s Republic of New York for going all in here with “sensible gun control efforts.”  And who really cares about that silly old Bill of Rights?

Poetic Justice

Poor old Robert DeNiro.  The actor who gained a persona by playing tough gangsters (note: he’s an actor, not really a tough gangster) has recently gone on some profanity-laced tirades against President Trump.  In actuality, nothing but a grumpy old man, he has left many sane people wondering why he is not in an asylum and heavily medicated.  At least one person- his wife of over 20 years- has decided to leave him and nothing but good thoughts follow her in her escape from insanity.


And Finally…

This has absolutely nothing to do with social justice or the culture wars, but is just plain funny.  At the Red Deer Curling Classic in Canada, one team which included curling legend and 2014 Olympic gold medalist Ryan Fry, was recently disqualified after they took to the ice in a drunken state and had the audacity to curse and break their brooms.  Even worse, they apparently trashed the locker room.  Said facility manager Wayne Thurber: “enough was enough.”  Controversy grips the Canadian curling circuit!


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