The Culture Wars, @74: Polar Bears, Martians and Bikini Waxes

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Welcome to another edition of the culture wars where this writer recaps some overlooked and closely looked at stories from the recent week, including one ding bat.


Ding Bat of the Week

It has been two weeks since Allie from the Bronx won election to the House.  Besides whining about the price of housing in DC, helping protesters occupy the offices of Nancy Palsi and screaming discrimination because she was mistaken for an intern, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez took to Facebook to rally the faithful to take back “all three chambers of Congress.”  Constitutional scholars are scouring the Constitution this very minute looking for that third chamber of Congress.  Things are going to be humorously interesting with this dip in Congress.

News Flash: Reagan is Dead

That was a familiar chant when Ben Shapiro recently made an appearance at Ohio State.  They also chanted “McCain is dead,” although no one knows why they did.  And to show their total ignorance of “Bush senior is dead” which ended when it was mentioned that Bush, Sr. is alive.  A student advisory board advised students to seek a safe spec during his appearance.  However, they did not supply pacifiers and finger paint.

Revenge of the Polar Bears

You know those late night commercials warning us of global warming while they show the poor polar bear on the ice.  It seems that global warming is killing off these mild mannered beasts of the Arctic.  Well, that doesn’t quite square with facts.  It seems that the polar bear population is quite fine. In fact, so fine that the native Inuits of northern Canada want the government to increase the quota of dead/killed polar bears.


The Subjugation of Martians

National Geographic recently ran a story about colonies on Mars and that is where the trouble begins.  Any time someone brings up the subject of colonies, the first thing anyone thinks is this, right?

But increasingly, government agencies, journalists, and the space community at large are recognizing that these narratives are born from racist, sexist ideologies that historically led to the subjugation and erasure of women and indigenous cultures, creating barriers that are still pervasive today.

This magazine and its writers long ago jumped the shark.

Be Sure Your Kids See This YouTube Series

Called Radical Cram School, the video series teaches children how to scream when they see a picture of Donald Trump, call white people “gross,” and generally regurgitate Leftist pablum.  Social justice warrior Kristina Wong explains that children will learn  “about social justice, revolution, and how to be powerful in the body that you have.”  Brandon Morse at this website has more detail on this story.

Bikini Waxes for the Transgendered

A transgender “woman” in British Columbia called various spas inquiring about receiving a “manzilian” wax and took note of those that refused to wax her private parts that happened to involve having a penis.  In fact, 16 such places refused prompting this person to file 16 complaints with Canada’s Commission on Human Rights.  One complaint was dropped after the woman paid the transgender $2,500.  What a great scam, eh?


The Democrats Are in Charge Now

We knew changes were in store, but we never thought it would go this far.  For their first pre-Thanksgiving get-together, the Democratic caucus in the House has banned “Chick-Fil-A/ideological food” according to one source.  Wow!!  These people are going to be in charge of one of three chambers of Congress over the next two years while we continue to search for that long-lost third chamber.

That’s it for this week.  Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving.



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