The Borking, Hilling and Moore(ing) of Brett Kavanaugh

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In 1987, the US Senate rejected the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.  This was the result of a concerted effort by the Left, led by a member of a political family that seems to breed rapists and serial gropers, Ted Kennedy.  Painting Bork as way outside the mainstream for his conservative interpretation of Constitutional law, they succeeded and hence the term “Borking” a nominee became synonymous with Supreme Court nominations.

In 1991, Anita Hill came forward with allegations against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas involving sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.  The hearing were reopened and America was riveted to their televisions with tales of pubic hairs on soda cans and other such stories.  Thomas invoked the specter of lynching and eventually won a seat on the Supreme Court.

As everyone is painfully aware, the Democratic Party and the Left realize they cannot thwart the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh.  Paid-for protests, nonsensical lines of questioning and even an appearance by Spartacus was not going to derail the inevitable.  However, they had their proverbial ace up their sleeve: an accusation of “assault,” possibly of a sexual nature, that occurred when he was 17 and in high school.

The accuser- Christine Blasey Ford- allegedly sent a letter to her Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, who forwarded it to Diane Feinstein who forwarded it to the FBI who forwarded it to the trash can.  In between, Feinstein went to the press about the letter.  In reality, the FBI involvement was just a sideshow.

The timing of this escapade says it all.  It is the proverbial October surprise a month early.  According to Ms. Ford, while at a party, she was locked in a room with two boys, one of which (Kavanaugh) held her down and put his hand over her mouth.  It is uncertain whether anything of a sexual nature took place.  We do know that Ms. Ford escaped from the locked room.  Since coming forward, she has stated that the alleged episode was so traumatic that she feared for her life.  Thus far, the only corroboration of this event is that of her husband who stated that in 2012 she recounted the incident during a couple’s therapy session.  We know not where this life-threatening traumatic event took place, who she was with, how she got there and why she was wearing a bathing suit under her clothes.  Hmmm….

It has come to light that the letter was actually written to Eshoo some time in July because Ford feared “Kavanaugh might be named to the Supreme Court.”  Thus, Feinstein, a member of the Judiciary Committee, sat on this information until mid-September, or at least six weeks, before making it public.

The fact is the story is so unsubstantiated, uncorroborated, in one instance refuted, and filled with holes that it becomes apparent Ford’s recent infusion of fear occurred the day she donned her pink pussy hat and took to the streets.  As such, she became 2018’s Anita Hill.  Ford needs to be asked whether she ever told anyone before entering couple’s therapy with her husband in 2012.  If this was such a life-threatening, horrible experience, surely she had family, friends, classmates, a teacher, a guidance counselor…anyone… to tell.  But thus far, just her husband in 2012 and Anna Eshoo in 2018.  Surely, she knew that Kavanaugh had undergone a long and controversial confirmation process in 2006 to the DC Circuit of Appeals.  Was it her memory or her fear that was lacking twelve years ago?

Of course, there are the enablers within the Republican Party who are asking that hearings be reopened.  This includes squishes like Jeff Flake and Lindsey Graham who are more signaling their virtue and arguing that Ford have her day before the Committee.  This will now happen, thus delaying any vote which is precisely what the Democratic Party/Left intended all along.

This episode has its analog in the Roy Moore scandal in the Alabama 2017 special election that cost the GOP a seat in the Senate.  After his defeat, where have his accusers gone?  Where are the investigations, the reporters and Gloria Allred?  The man had been smeared by the Left with unsubstantiated stories and became the punching bag of the entertainment industry which, ironically, for years covered actual crimes committed by Harvey Weinstein.

This entire episode should be a lesson to the Never Trump crowd.  Their lack of criticism of the nomination, with a few exceptions, indicates their tacit approval of Kavanaugh, despite the man doing the nominating.  One would hope, but one doubts it, that it should be painfully obvious to them the lengths and depths to which the Left will go.  While others are lectured about principles, these people fail to understand that the Left plays by no principles.  Playing to some “higher morality” only brings out the future Christine Ford or Anita Hill.  One hopes they see what conservatism is up against.  The enemy is not Trump, his policies or his court nominations.  Unfortunately, most of the Never Trump are so deranged they are beyond redemption and are probably secretly in the back of their minds chuckling just a tad today.

Chuck Schumer said that if the GOP insists on a vote without hearing Ford’s story before the Judiciary Committee it would be an insult to all American women.  In what is likely to be nothing more than a he-said/she-said scenario of events that happened three decades ago, Schumer gets his way.  But in the end when Schumer and company are proven insults to decency and don’t expect these Leftist scum to climb back under their rocks.


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