Beards, Hats and Hurricanes: The Culture Wars, Part 65

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The raw silliness and nonsense of the social justice movement marches on unabated.  To wit, the following six stories and one moron illustrate the craziness of the Left.



Loony Bird of the Week

This week’s award goes to actress Alyssa Milano who is leading the charge of The Resistance from the safety of her smartphone.  In response to the Kavanaugh hearings, the borderline sane Milano tweeted out:

I have an idea. Let’s pass a law that forces men to get vasectomies.This way, women wouldn’t need make the devastating choice to have an abortion.The party that wants less government regulation, wants to regulate my uterus.F**k that. #In60Days #StopKavanaugh

The world could have been saved drivel like this is Milano’s father had a vasectomy.  Word of advice to Milano: if all men were forced to have vasectomies, where would baby social justice warriors come from?

Those Cute, Pink Pussy Hats are Now Sexist

In anticipation of Trump’s impending visit to Ireland and the inevitable protests (yawn), one entrepreneurial feminist was posting directions on social media on how to knit one their own pink pussy hat.  These became popular during the Women’s March. But wouldn’t you know it? Intersectionality got in the way. Some people took offense- actually transgenders took offense after asserting that the reference to one’s p***y was demeaning since some women have penises.  She took down her posting and apologized for this egregious social justice mistake.

Warning:  If You Have a Beard, You Just Might Be Racist

An article published in The Atlantic made this very claim.  The article is actually titled “The Racially Fraught History of the American Beard.”  Apparently not getting shaved and growing a beard is a racist act because newly freed slaves became barbers…or something like that.  It becomes painfully obvious that the author had way too much time on his hands. What’s worse is that The Atlantic actually published it.


Renaissance Art Gets a Social Justice Makeover

In anticipation of a showing of Renaissance art at the Royal Academy in London, curators at the museum have made a major decision: The number of paintings depicting nude females will have an equal number of paintings depicting nude males.  The #MeToo movement applies to Renaissance paintings also, folks.

Apparently, having more male nude pictures corrects the injustice of displays of nude females by those unwoke Renaissance artists.  Don’t laugh; an art museum in Baltimore is taking down pictures and replacing them with those of artists with more pigmentation in their skin.

Seattle Craziness

There are ten homeless camps in Seattle where the city picks up trash as if these camps were legitimate addresses paying legitimate property taxes to receive a legitimate city service.  However, some actual taxpayers began dropping off their trash with the homeless trash. To stop this egregious act, the City Council is considering jail time for offenders rather than onerous fines for “illegal dumping.”  They are even suggesting police mount cameras on poles to catch the offenders.

You Knew This Was Inevitable

Days before Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Carolinas, the Washington Post just had to go there beating other media outlets to the punch by several days.  The hurricane was simply the fault of President Trump. Doubt me?  This was their headline: “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”  


Is He Confused?

It was announced that singer Willie Nelson, age 85, will headline a concert for Texas Senate candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke, better known by the first name, “Beto.”  It was falsely reported by the Washington Post and Rolling Stone that this was his first direct support for any candidate.  However, there was egg on some faces when it was discovered that Nelson had previously campaigned for Dennis Kucinich and Wendy Davis.  This should be reassuring news to Ted Cruz considering both Kucinich and Davis lost.

Regardless, it is likely that Nelson is confused and believes he is campaigning for a new strain of marijuana- Beto.  The guy’s brain is so fried on pot anything is possible.



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