It's Tuesday: Part 64 of the Culture Wars!

Ah!  The Culture Wars- the gift that keeps on giving.  The following are seven tales from the demented world of the lunatic Left.  Enjoy!

Idiot of the Week

This week’s dubious honor goes to late night moron Stephen Colbert.  In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said this:


I’m like, “Yeah, f*** yeah, me, me. Me, white male Christian, American, straight. Number one!” That is a dark feeling, because it is indulging in an appetite for yourself, it’s very possessive, it’s very consumptive, it’s pornographic, and so the confession is: Yes, I have these feelings as well. But the question is: Why are those feelings indulged in America?

So he hates being a white, Christian, male which is fine because there are a lot more better reasons to hate Stephen Colbert.  

Healthy Food Is Racist

We all know our dietary habits can be racist.  For example, anyone from the Trump administration eating at a Mexican restaurant seems to be a racist act.  But now comes word that eating healthy foods may, in fact, also be racist. Said one person in a Huffington Post article:

There’s a perception in the black community that eating healthy means eating like white people, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

This was not an article attempting to change the views of black people.  The author actually states upfront that they are not going to eat healthy salads and fruits!

Brown Sugar=Racism=Trump

Jonathan Allen is a reporter for NBC News who covered a recent Trump rally in Indiana where, before the main event, Trump people played a song 47 years old- “Brown Sugar” by the Rolling Stones.  This song was released in 1971 and went to #1 when the Rolling Stones were good. But, Allen sees racism in the song because there’s a line with a reference to slavery.  Get the connection? Trump must be in favor of slavery!


Comments on That Creepy Aretha Franklin Memorial

The Queen of Soul- Aretha Franklin- recently passed away after battling cancer.  Her native Detroit held a memorial to her honor that brought out some black luminaries.  There was Bill Clinton ogling Ariana Grande as if he wanted to take her for a ride on the Lolita Express.  Maxine Waters attended and gave some kind of salute thinking she lives in the fictional country of Wakanda. Al Sharpton was there still figuring out how to spell “RESPECT.”  And what tribute would be complete without noted racist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan?

The Great Gore Speaketh

Al Bore recently gave an interview to Good Day LA.  This modern day Edison responsible for the invention of the Internet and global warming thinks Trump should resign not because of Russia or any other reason other than…let his words speak for themselves:

Oh, my only message would be: resign. I don’t mean to be flippant about it. I don’t think he’s prepared to listen to advice about the importance of clean air and clean water.

There’s another reason for regime change: refusing to believe fairy tales.

What If You Wrote a Book and Nobody Bought It?

That is the predicament Omarossa finds herself in these days.  Despite a two week blitz of free media attention her book received before it was officially released, the moonbat saw sales of 34,000 in its first week which isn’t bad, but not great.  However, in the second week, sales plummeted 40%.  If it is written in any way she speaks or thinks, it is no surprise.  Another 15 minutes of fame sadly wasted. Now, just go away!


Wet Willies and Noogies

The California State Senate recently initiated an ethics investigation of one of their own for the unethical act of giving someone a head noogie during a photo op.  Not to be outdone, a Florida man was arrested and charged with battery for giving his girlfriend a wet willy. This is how it starts: first the head noogie is deemed unethical and a wet willy is battery.  Next, they move onto the purple nurple and swirlies. Of course, the Indian burns are already racist. Thankfully, the man in Florida didn’t rub a booger on her; that’s a hate crime. And PETA is campaigning to have “Guess what? Chicken butt” banned.





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