Why the Left Hates Western Culture

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After the apparent failures of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and the failure of Marxism in Western Europe- the area Marx himself predicted a great socialist revolution would occur and prosper- it became clear that the theories of Marx were limited.  In fact, the rise of fascist states in Italy, Spain and especially Germany in the years between the world wars were proving the opposite.

“Concerned” as to why this occurred, a group of Marxist academics formed a loose coalition known as the Frankfurt School.  Besides the economic aspects of Marxism, they determined that there first be a cultural revolution before or in conjunction with an economic revolution.  Their views caught the eye of Hitler and they read the writing on the wall and made it first to Geneva and then Columbia University in New York. One of their adherents, Wilhelm Reich noted:

…that the presence in a society of Christianity, capitalism, and the patriarchal-authoritarian family created a character prone to racial prejudice and German fascism…

In short, anything “Western” was naturally prejudiced.  The solution, therefore, was the eradication of Western civilization and replacing it with a system of “radical egalitarianism enforced by the power of the state.”  Unfortunately, even though they condemned it, they failed to acknowledge that these previous attempts at state-enforced “equality” ended up with gulags or concentration camps.

Their Critical Theory was nothing but destructive criticism of the main tenets of Western culture.  Chief among these are Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, tradition and morality, sexual restraint, and patriotism.  In other words, conservatism. When these German academics came here in the 1930’s, they looked around and saw America was capitalist, Christian and with patriarchal family structures.  These were the same things they erroneously attributed to laying the cultural foundations for fascism in their native Germany. Therefore, they erroneously believed a fascist Hitler could rise to power here.

It was not until the late 1950’s and especially the 1960’s until these cultural Marxists began to have some sway.  Books by Frankfurt school alum like Theodor Adorno (The Authoritarian Personality), Erich Fromm (The Art of Loving) and Herbert Marcuse (One Dimensional Man) became mandatory reading for every bearded, Che T-shirt-wearing “revolutionary.”  Some of these revolutionaries went full-on Trotsky and attempted to elevate black revolutionaries to positions of leadership. Since their attempt was to upend culture, why not upend race relations?   The idealists of the 1960’s “counter culture” are now in positions of power throughout society to effectuate their desires- destruction of Western heritage.

And what better way to achieve this than through control of language?  Political correctness is nothing more than Marxism- a loss of freedom of expression, thought control, inversion of the Western social order and eventually a totalitarian state.  In the hands of the Left, it has become a tool of tyranny to silence and eventually eradicate objections against their aims and designs. It is totalitarian in that it aims for uniformity of thought.  

They have obtained a stranglehold on the media and academia.  In the latter, the techniques are well-documented. They attacked and altered the traditional Western curriculum and replaced it with “multiculturalism.”  Universities now have vaguely worded speech codes that can land someone in trouble for an off-hand over heard joke. Students, especially freshmen, are subjected to “sensitivity training” sessions and told to check their “white privilege.”

The student leaders of the past realized that all the screaming, yelling, protesting and demonstrating did not have lasting power.  Many of them stayed behind in academia. In fact, they and their pupils form the bulk of professors today. Obviously, changing the curriculum was their first goal.  And the purpose of that goal was to radically alter what students learned. What they learned was anything BUT Western civilization. It becomes obvious that political correctness goes hand-in-hand with multiculturalism.

With multiculturalism, no religion is superior.  And no culture is superior. Never mind that such notions fly in the face of objective truths to the contrary.  If nothing is superior then nothing has value. In essence, you have achieved cultural egalitarianism. Everything is a matter of choice by the individual self since there is no higher authority than the self.

A side effect is that neither sex is superior and it should come as no surprise that modern feminism grew out of this counter culture revolution.  Today, it extends to the media’s portrayal of an emasculated male as the ideal. Government-mandated codes of employment behavior are now the norm lest any transgression be labeled “sexual harassment.”  Gender and women’s studies departments have popped up in virtually every major university. Public schools teach more about self-esteem and “self-awareness” than they do the three “R’s” and the decline in academic performance is the result.  A woman’s right to choose now condones the slaughter of thousands of innocent lives annually.

Feminists are allies of the cultural Marxists.  The Frankfurt school theorized that the authoritarian personality was the product of the patriarchal family.  This is no different from the matriarchy espoused by Friedrich Engels. One of the central tenets of cultural Marxism is the breakdown of the traditional family.  Even a partial breakdown of parental authority softens the atmosphere and makes each generation more susceptible to socialism and social change.

Hence, it is white, heterosexual males who are invariably singled out for charges of racism, xenophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism and homophobia.  When is the last time you ever saw a woman, minority or homosexual accused or charged with a hate crime? Apparently, only white, heterosexual males have a 100% monopoly on hate.

This school of thought has created the psychic decapitation of any potential national leader who could unify Americans based on a shared religion or culture.  Cultural Marxism aims to keep America fragmented in a state of confusion over shared beliefs and values. This national schizophrenia creates one massive psychopathic ward and can thus be controlled.

Our Founders recognized three basic values- life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  More importantly, they ranked them correctly. If the order were switched, then the result is social anarchy and moral chaos.  This is the basis of what modern conservatism is truly up against.

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