The Water Cooler- Open Thread, July 24, 2018: Balloons, Fools, Russia and Nazis

In this today’s edition of the Water Cooler which on Tuesday is dedicated to the ongoing culture wars, we look at balloons, billboards, Twitter messages and other assorted goodies of Leftist derangement.  As always we start with…


This week’s winner goes to none other than actor Mickey O’Rourke whose heyday in the movie industry ended sometime circa 1988.  In an effort to show his tough side image and to prove his relevance, he took to Instagram to complain about the Trump administration.  Nothing unusual about that; its trendy for Hollywood.  But, he committed the ultimate no-no. He referred to the Trump administration as “this f*ggot” administration.  He since deleted the post, but there are, of course, screen shots floating around out there.

Thus, Mickey O’Rourke will forever be banned to the dustbin of Hollywood irrelevance where he rightfully belongs for using the new “f” word.


Max (Who?) Boot is an alleged conservative Washington Post writer who signaled his righteous virtue by withdrawing from the Republican Party because of Trump, urging voters to elect Democrats.

Now comes words from this dolt that he has gained an appreciation for soccer.  Now, I’m not saying that liking soccer is a sure sign you’re a liberal…

But, Boot sees more significance:

By learning to appreciate soccer, I have also come to appreciate the limits of American exceptionalism.  Yes we are a great nation, but that doesn’t mean it’s our way or the highway…I suppose my change of heart about sports is related to my change of heart about politics.  In both fields I eschew the Trump doctrine: “We’re America, bitch.” No, we’re part of the world.

Enough said.


Trump went to merry old England and Leftists went bananas starting with the mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan.  As part of the lame protests which Trump was not a witness to, Khan allowed a group to fly a 20-foot balloon of a diaper clad Trump fly over Parliament Square.  The designer made the balloon deliberately grotesque because Trump is… you know, grotesque.

In the end, the prop was nothing short of failure.  The smallest Macy’s parade balloon made this thing look like small potatoes.  Hell- Baron Trump probably got bigger balloons on his birthday. In fact, the balloon measured 20 feet which is the approximate size of one Michael Moore butt cheek.


Thanks to the void in Democratic leadership, Michael Moore is becoming a spokesman for #TheResistance.  The rotund propagandist released an 8-point plan to block the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.  There is the obligatory calls to inundate your Senator’s e-mail and phone lines but my favorite is his call to protest outside the Capitol the day of any vote on the confirmation by amassing one million people which is unnecessary since a single Michael Moore can cover one third of the Capitol building (see Trump balloon above).


Disgraced FBI man Peter Strozk appeared before Congress in an open hearing in the House.  One member of the Committees hearing testimony- Steve Cohen of Tennessee- suggested that Strozk be awarded the Purple Heart for his heroic efforts in trying to keep Trump from getting elected.  Cohen doesn’t seem to understand the military doesn’t award Purple Heart medals to people who shoot themselves in the foot.

Not to be deterred, the following day, after indictments were handed down against 12 Russian intelligence operatives, Cohen doubled down on military ignorance by declaring on CNN: “It means we’re at war with Russia.”  Surely he didn’t mean that, right?  WRONG! He later tweeted out: “They are attacking our country, Mr. President.  Enough is enough.”

So there you have it; we are officially at war with Russia.


A group of morons called “Tacoma Against Nazis” has put up a billboard warning that some neighborhoods are infested with Nazis.  This likely means someone saw a red MAGA hat somewhere, or a “Trump/Pence” bumper sticker on a car.  They were actually triggered by a few fliers urging people to call ICE on illegal aliens. And supposedly some business owner supposedly posted some supposedly white supremacist article on some supposed social media site.

A better named group would be “America Against Nazis,” but that would mean a refutation of the brown-shirt tactics of “Tacoma Against Nazis.”


The American Library Association released a statement recently which read in pertinent part:

If a library allows charities, non-profits, and sports organizations to discuss their activities in library meeting rooms, then the library cannot exclude religious, social, civic, partisan political, or hate groups from discussing their activities in the same facilities

The only thing they will not tolerate are are harassment or intimidation meaning Maxine Waters has to turn in her library card…assuming she can read.  Then again, there is a children’s section including words in big letters with lots of pictures.

This caused one Ms. Seiter, some library science student, to pen an editorial on behalf of the International Socialist Organization to declare:

Libraries can’t afford to welcome hate … at a time when far-right, fascist, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups in the U.S. have been emboldened by Donald Trump and his racist administration

As Leftist Nazis are wont to do, a Twitter hashtag- #NoHateALA- has popped up for triggered fascists everywhere to weigh in.  No doubt, the Southern Poverty Law Center will soon declare the ALA a hate group any day now.

Balloons, declarations of war, the politics of soccer and, of course, Nazi libraries- we ran the gamut this week in that crazy movie with no end in sight- the Culture Wars.

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