The Water Cooler Open Thread- July 10, 2018: More Tales from the Culture Wars

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of the Water Cooler where we look at the best and brightest the unhinged Left brings you in the culture wars.  And congratulations: we made it through yet another July 4th of Leftist revisionist history.


Jackass of the Week

The award this week goes to actress Bette Midler for this incredible tweet:

Hot enough for you, #ClimateDeniers??  Thanks for nothing, you idiots.

I don’t know about you, but I do not know a single person who denies the existence of climate, weather, or temperatures.  Perhaps Ms. Midler also forgot that it is summer in the northern hemisphere which means we experience hot weather.  It seems to happen every year around this time.  Then again, maybe Ms. Midler is just plain stupid or was not paying attention in sixth grade.

Fake Food?

CNN claims they have some good ratings.  But, most observers not named CNN claim otherwise.  In the week June 18-24, CNN ranked behind such offerings as HGTV, Investigation Discovery and, wait for it…. The Food Network in prime time viewership.  This came after CNN announced that they were reducing the number of ads on their main star’s show- The Lead with Jake Tapper.  We’re sure the ratings have nothing to do with that decision.

Vladimir Putin Joins the KKK

According to the increasingly unhinged Hunchback of Chappaqua- Hillary Clinton- she gave these words of enlightenment during a speech at Oxford University in England:

We are in the midst of a global struggle between liberal democracy and a rising tide of illiberalism.  Vladimir Putin has positioned himself as a leader of an authoritarian, white supremacist and xenophobic movement.


The harpy who just won’t go away also compared Trump to Recep Erdogan of Turkey and joked about losing the election despite getting 3 million more votes than Trump.  Yep… and you still lost!

A Nice Cup of Socialist Java

An average worker makes 5 million bolivars a month in that socialist paradise known as Venezuela.  Before you go bonkers, that’s equivalent to $1.45 American money. According to Bloomberg, for 1 million bolivars- or 20% of your monthly earnings- you can purchase a cup of coffee in Venezuela.  Since they began tracking this, Bloomberg has determined that the rate of inflation is 43,378% in the past year for a cup of coffee.

The Biggest Scam Hunger Strike Ever

Billed as “Break Bread Not Families” to protest separating children from their illegal immigrant parents at the border, Hollywood and political figures are jumping at the opportunity to signal their virtue.  The hunger strike is to last 24 days to represent the estimated 2,400 children separated.  But, here’s the catch: any single person has to go on a “hunger strike” for only 24 hours until they pass it on to someone else until the 24 days is up.  In other words, the hunger strike is more like a 24 hour fast, then back to eating. Word comes that Ethel Kennedy, the matriarch of the biggest political dynasty not named Bush or Clinton, would participate.  Unfortunately, Michael Moore couldn’t last 30 minutes before devouring an industrial size bag of Doritos.


Anti-MAGA Hat Frenzy Goes International

You probably heard about the youth in the Texas eatery who had a “Make America Great Again” hat slapped off his head by an employee.  If not, you can read about it here.  Now word comes that a similar incident occurred in Vancouver which happens to be in Canada when someone wearing the iconic cap was refused service by the manager which prompted his firing.  Apparently suffering from hallucinations of some type, the manager- Darin Hodge- said:

The MAGA hat has come to symbolize racism, bigotry, islamaphobia, misogyny, white supremacy, homophobia. As a person with a strong moral backbone, I had to take a stand against this guest’s choice of headwear while in my former place of work.

Racism, bigotry, islamophobia, misogyny, white supremacy and homophobia are way too much to fit on a cap, but that is what the virtuous Mr. Hodge saw.

The Gay Pride Rainbow Flag- The New Confederate Flag?

A recent poll taken among over 800 gay men and women found that 58% of them opposed adding brown and black stripes to the flag.  It was suggested that these colors be added to make the flag more inclusive of people of color. Never mind the fact that the existing colors of the stripes on the flag don’t signify any race, but that’s not the point in this intersectional social justice conundrum.  In signs of cracks in the gay community, the polls found that lesbians and transgenders favor the update, but that gay men oppose it, especially gay dudes over the age of 50. As it stands, no stripes will be added making the gay pride flag as racist and non-inclusive as the Confederate battle flag.  Personally, I think adding brown and black would be soooo gauche and the flag is just fabulous as it is.


Catch you next week when we look at more lunacy in the culture wars- the gift that just keeps on giving.


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