All Hail Robert Mueller and Make Burnt Offerings

Merriam’s Online Dictionary defines “deification” as the act of deifying someone or an object.  To “deify” someone or something, one makes a god of, or takes someone or something as an object of worship, and glorifies them/it as of supreme worth.


There are many Trump supporters who have elevated the president to almost godly status.  In the aftermath of the election, this writer remembers some alt-right website depicting Trump in the clothes of Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor.  Considering there is only one God, these depictions were and are rightfully disgusting.  No man is a “god,” and certainly not a serial philanderer.

But, the deification of Donald Trump is no less disgusting than the deification of Special Counsel Robert Mueller who has taken on a “higher deification” because he is investigating the lower deity.  For all those conservatives who burnish their evangelical and Christian virtues, they surely have engaged in a form of idolatry by elevating Mueller to saintly status. They have foregone their conservative principles of respect for the rule of law and the Constitution while ironically claiming they are acting out of motivation to save conservatism.  Consumed by an unhealthy and rather un-Christian hatred of Trump, they have come to worship at the altar of Robert Mueller. This makes them no better than the red hat “MAGA crowd” they despise.

We can start by looking at the very title afforded Mueller- Independent Counsel.  A “counsel” for sure, but “independent?” Mueller is a Washington insider who has had relations with every player in this saga going back decades.  You want to know when something is amiss? Watch and listen to the parade of Washington hacks who find a home on cable news (CNN’s Don Lemon is a good first choice) extolling the virtues of Robert Mueller.  That alone should prove that Mueller is the insider’s insider. Incidentally, little known fact: Mueller’s pre-dawn raid on Manafort’s home was the home of a longtime client of Mueller’s very own law firm, WilmerHale.  


We have read here and elsewhere that there is no straighter arrow than James Comey, much like we have heard the same about Mueller.  Perhaps, both can share a day on the Christian calendar in the celebration of saints. We were constantly told he shoots straight arrows, that there is nobody more straight than James Comey, that he goes wherever the evidence leads.  When some hack gets on television and says someone “shoots straight arrows,” assume “slime” and you would not be too far off the mark.

Consider Saint Mueller’s choices thus far.  This great career law enforcer appoints to his team former FBI counter-intelligence honcho Peter Strzok, who also happens to have been a key player in the FBI’s Hillary investigation.  Ironically, given Trump’s attacks on the FBI’s investigation of Clinton, without even knowing Strzok, Trump was questioning his integrity. Yet, Mueller appoints him to a second investigation.  His mistress, Lisa Page, is similarly appointed to both investigations. In a bureaucracy of over 35,000 employees, the impeccable Robert Mueller finds these two? If anything, Mueller was quite adept at merging the two investigations (Clinton and Trump).  Part one was getting Clinton off the hook- mission accomplished (but, that’s “whataboutism”). Now, get Trump on the hook- mission in progress.

Perhaps Mueller should be investigating how far up the “Get Trump at all costs” attitude permeated the Justice Department and FBI, our “premiere law enforcement agency” we are constantly told.  Apparently Associate Deputy AG Bruce Ohr had a brain fart and forgot to tell investigators that the woman he sleeps next to- his wife- happened to work for Fusion GPS. And she wasn’t the nameless receptionist at the front desk; she was hired to dig dirt up on Trump.


Mueller is supposed to be investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, although I dare anyone to find the word “collusion” in a federal criminal statute.  And, yes his mandate does infer any crimes incidental to that investigation that may be discovered. But thus far, anything found are financial crimes by people within Trump’s campaign orbit having nothing to do with the election, some process crimes, and an indictment against some Russians who will never see the inside of an American courtroom.  Even then, it is highly likely that absent guilty pleas, anyone convicted would win on appeal.

Meanwhile, the anti-Trump deranged have circled the wagons around their hero.  They have amnesia about their saint when inconvenient facts like Mueller’s handling of Whitey Bulger in Boston or his handling of the post-9/11 anthrax case that cost the government a $5 million wrongful prosecution settlement.  The government had to cough up another $100 million to four men wrongfully framed for murders in the Bulger case. Without knowing the cost of the current investigation by this impeccable law enforcement officer, we know that Mueller directly or indirectly has cost the government $105 million in wrongful prosecution cases while a prosecutor or FBI Director.

By all accounts- Left, Right, and everything in between- Trump is within his rights to fire Mueller.  But, the political optics dictate otherwise. There is no doubt that many within the Justice Department are contemplating what they would do should that order come down from on high.  Meanwhile, Trump continues to troll the gullible to believe the inevitable is about to happen and the Left is gearing up for national protests should that day come. Considering all the other things the Left (or some on the Right) can be protesting, saving a sham of an investigation should be low on the list of priorities.


It is funny to see the healthy skepticism we all had about Obama’s law enforcement bureaucracy whether it was Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner at the IRS, or chance meetings on a tarmac with Loretta Lynch.  But now that skepticism is to be swept aside because (1) Trump and (2) the impeccable saintly status of Robert Mueller. I would suggest reforming the FISA system, which we have seen has been abused in this instance, could be an area where the Left and Right can unite towards a common goal: a respect for the Constitution and rule of law.  Instead, they would rather place their eggs in the “Save Bob Mueller If It Gets Trump” basket.

This is a bitterly divided country where a few thousand votes spread over a dwindling number of states dictates the outcomes of elections for President.  If Mueller produces evidence that leads to impeachment, half the country will be convinced of a Deep State conspiracy in the bag for Hillary Clinton. If Trump is exonerated, the other half of the country will blame Trump for discrediting these fine upstanding public servants.  In a strange way, Mueller has made things worse and democracy more tenuous.

After Robert Mueller was appointed “Independent” Counsel, former Attorney General Eric Holder went on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow and said: “Great choice.  Incorruptible. As long as his charter is appropriately defined and he is properly resourced, this is a good move.”

Does any true conservative want to throw their perceptions into the same hat as Eric Holder?  When we see headlines ripped from the pages of Democratic Underground and sentiments more conducive to conspiracy websites like The Palmer Report, those doing it have burnt their conservative credentials in a sacrificial offering to Robert Mueller.  They need to ask themselves: who is the true sufferer of a cult of personality?




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