The Water Cooler- 3/13/18: The Culture Wars- Dolphins and Hijabs

Tuesday’s edition is dedicated to highs and lows of the culture wars.

Celebretard of the Week

She’s coming baaaack!  Noted head decapitator, Kathy Griffin- the very unfunny, Z-list celebrity/comedian is back in the US after her self-imposed exile in Europe.  The last we heard from this aging harpy, she couldn’t find a gig in some chalet in Switzerland for free.


Appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher, she continued to bemoan her state of existence and the fact she can’t find work.  This is the same woman who said she was the most mistreated woman in the history of all time.  She ended her segment with Maher by saying she’s waited ten months to do her next selfie: holding the severed head of Mike Pence.  Hardy-har-har… Yeah, this career remake should go real far.

The Most Unreported Scandal in American Politics

Remember when Trump, according to some, failed to kneel before the altar of political correctness and virtue signaling and not show enough disdain for white supremacists in Charlottesville (despite condemning them)?  Well, it seems the Democratic Left has their own brewing scandal that the mainstream media is not following. And that is the association of key Democrats with noted anti-Semite, anti-white, Black nationalist, Louis Farrakhan- leader of the Nation of Islam.

Just recently, he stated:

White folks are going down. And Satan is going down. And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled the cover off of that Satanic Jew and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.

And yet the likes of Keith Ellison, Barbara Lee, Danny Davis, Andre Carson, Gregory Meeks, Al Green and Maxine Waters- all Democratic members of Congress-  have all attended events at which Farrakhan appeared and spoke and many have been filmed with him. Still, no denunciations. In fact, Danny Davis has said he has no problem with Farrakhan’s views on the “Jewish question.”  Incidentally, former community organizer and president, Barack Obama, also had been photographed with the noted anti-Semite (all smiles).


Hmmm…. but Trump is the bigot.  Imagine if recent photos emerged of Trump with David Duke or Richard Spencer.

                                      Transgenderism Pays

“Karen” Jones is an English transgender activist (formerly named Mark) who, in 2001 was sentenced to five years in jail for killing their lover.  After being released after one year, “she” then stuffed a lemon in a shopkeeper’s mouth and attempted to rape her for which she received a life sentence.  Citing her/his gender identity disorder, they were transferred to a female prison. That life sentence became a seven year one and he/she was released in 2009 and became a transgender activist in England.

And apparently, her/his efforts have paid off as he/she has been invited to testify before Parliament about how the government of Great Britain can better serve the needs of transgender people in prison.

                                  Disney…Say It Ain’t So!

According to sources- including director Jennifer Lee- Elsa, that beloved heroine in Disney’s movie Frozen which also gave parents headaches as their children sang “Let It Go” incessantly, may be getting a lesbian love interest in the sequel.

It appears that the song has become somewhat of an anthem in the LGBT community (sorry, Gloria Gaynor, but it looks like “I Will Survive” is being retired) and this led some to start a Twitter trend: #GiveElsaAGirlfriend.  And once you get a hashtag, you know a SJW will oblige.


So be forewarned:  Frozen, Part II might actually be renamed Frozen Lesbian Queens or other such name.

                              Putting Feminism in Perspective

While American women are wearing the Time’s Up tattoo, joining the MeToo movement, engaging in nonsensical women’s marches, donning hijabs in solidarity with Muslims, and wearing pink p*ssy hats- all in the name of feminism- a few brave souls in Iran find themselves in prison for the courageous act of removing their hijab.

Human rights organizations recently announced that at least two Iranian female protesters who removed their hijabs have been charged with “inciting corruption and prostitution.”  Amnesty International reports that since protests began, at least 35 women in Tehran alone have been arrested. It would appear that under Sharia law, a woman exposing her hair in public is tantamount to prostitution, according to the enlightened mullahs that rule Iran, and the sight of female hair has every male in Iran seeking out a hooker.

This sort of puts American intersectional feminism in perspective.

                              It Pays to Be Muslim, Also

Equal treatment under the law.  It’s a nice thought until you consider those who seek specialized treatment under the law.  And New York City appears to be a leader in appeasement as three Muslim women who had been arrested were awarded $60,000 a piece- that’s $180,000!!- because they had to remove their head scarves for booking.  One of these fine women was arrested for beating her neighbor unconscious over a parking space.


Not only did they receive a monetary stipend, but the city is revising their booking practices.  If anyone refuses to remove their head scarf in the future, they will be offered the opportunity to comply in a private setting with a female officer doing the picture-taking.

                         And I Leave You With This Gem…

Unless you live in a cave, you should be aware that The Shape of Water won the Best Picture Oscar this year.  The basic plot of the movie is that a lonely mute woman falls in love with and has sexual relations with an updated version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon thus normalizing human-reptilian sex.  But, the fine folks over at Huffington Post go it one better for, you see, the Oscar-winning movie was fiction.  They found a real case of aquatic bestiality to trot out.

Back in 1970, some dude named Malcolm Brenner went to a water park to photograph a dolphin show whereupon one dolphin named Dolly allegedly sexually harassed him.  I will leave the vivid details out in the interest of good taste.

Now send the children out of the room.  Eventually, he succumbed to the sexual advances of the randy dolphin and they managed to do the nasty.  Mind you, this a guy who admits to masturbating with his poodle. HuffPo trotted out this freak to explain this movie?  He later stated he finds dolphins more appealing than the creature in the movie (that’s good to know).  Still, he hopes the movie serves to break down barriers to the point where sex with sea creatures “…will be no more regarded as controversial or harmful than interracial sex is today.”


I leave you with those visions for your nightmares tonight: Sea mammal marriage- coming to a Supreme Court near you

Quote of the day: Liberalism is totalitarianism with a human face.—Thomas Sowell

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