A Black Joan of Arc and Doritos: The Culture Wars, Feb. 13th edition

Welcome to the wacky and wild world of the culture wars- a weekly series that delves into the craziness of the social justice warriors featuring the six best (or worst) stories from the past week that may or may not have been covered on the fine pages of Redstate.  This week’s edition will have a new feature.  So without further fanfare…


A New Feature: The Celebretard of the Week

The first winner of this dubiously coveted award goes to (drum roll please)… Jimmy Kimmel.  Kimmel recently addressed an event where he stated:  “It just so happens that almost every talk show host is a liberal and that’s because it requires a level of intelligence…”   Um…OK…whatever.  Yes, it requires intelligence to deliver a monologue written by others to sufferers of insomnia.  It is interesting to also note that in his celebrated health care cryfest monologue, Kimmel was fed Democratic talking points by Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

And She Won’t Back Down

Illinois state representative Jeanne Ives is challenging “Republican” Governor Bruce Rauner in the GOP primary this year and a recent ad has Democrats and fellow Republicans up in arms.  In the ad, a man dressed as a woman thanks Rauner for allowing him to now use the ladies room, a woman wearing a pink hat thanks Rauner for allowing her to have a state-paid abortion, and a masked antifa actor thanks Rauner for not supporting law enforcement and making Illinois a sanctuary state.

The ad has been characterized as “offensive,” “bigoted,” and “sexist.”  To her credit, Ives is not backing down and refuses to disavow the ad especially after “owning” Rauner at a recent debate.  Personally, this writer lauds Ms. Ives for speaking the truth which has apparently offended the sensibilities of the triggered in Illinois.


The VA Is a Nest of Sexists

Actually, the Veteran’s Administration recently turned down a request to make their motto more gender-neutral.  The motto, lifted from Lincoln’s second inaugural address reads: “…to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan…”  You can see the problem- inclusion of the word “his.”

Considering that the Naval Academy and Military Academy at West Point have introduced gender-neutral lyrics to their school songs and the Navy and Marine Corps now have gender-neutral job titles, kudos to the VA for standing firm.  The group seeking the change noted that the VA does not understand the underlying reason: women don’t feel comfortable at the VA.  One doubts a motto has anything to do with their feelings of discomfort.

Feminist Doritos Put On Hold

Pepsi announced that their plans to introduce a brand of Doritos targeted towards women would be put on hold after an Internet backlash of triggered feminists.  The plan was to make a quieter, less messy brand of Doritos which would be more to the liking of women, or so they thought.  Instead, if the negative comments on the Internet are any indication, it appears as if women don’t mind loud, crunchy Doritos and they don’t care about that annoying dye left on your fingers after eating them.

Crunchy, messy Doritos: Yet another tool in the hands of feminists to dismantle the patriarchy!!!

And In Some Sad News…

Staten Island’s Public School #65 had to cancel their annual father-daughter dance after school officials and the PTA discovered that such dances ran afoul of state guidelines on gender practices.  It appears the assumption that a daughter had a father, or that a father may not necessarily be a male was troublesome.


In good news, the PTA is scheduling a more inclusive daughter-person of any gender dance in March.  Perhaps, a daughter- any older person dance would suffice, but that may be a little creepy.

More Confederate Statue News

According to Mic.com, there is a concerted effort, funded by some high-profile black celebrities, to erect monuments to famous black people in every state of the Union.  Called the Black Monuments Project, a spokesman said:

That these Confederates are lionized in the form of at least 718 statues and memorials across the nation reflects how invested many Americans remain in affirming the white supremacy they sought, and celebrating a past where slavery defined the racial hierarchy.

Thus far, they have received numerous suggestions, among them:

  • a Prince statue in Minnesota;
  • Maxine Waters in Missouri;
  • Colin Kapernick in Wisconsin;
  • Anita Hill in Oklahoma;
  • John Lewis in Georgia;
  • Trayvonn Martin in Florida;
  • Michelle Obama in Illinois, and;
  • Black Panther Aaron Lloyd Dixon in Washington.

The irony is that not one of these celebrities is actually donating any money or land towards erection of these statues as, like any good Leftist, they want them funded with taxpayer money.

Cultural Appropriation For Me, But Not Thee

Either cultural appropriation has gone out the window, or it is an apparent one-way street.  It was recently announced that 31-year-old actress Condola Rice, a decidedly black woman, has been chosen to play the role of Joan of Arc, a decidedly French and quite white heroine in France in the Hundred Year’s War, in a new Broadway play.


This created some Internet memes for other biopics on Broadway or from Hollywood.  Among the suggestions: Ryan Gosling playing the lead role in a movie about Martin Luther King, Mel Gibson will be playing the role of Malcolm X in a remake of “X,”  Viola Davis will play Anne Frank in The Diary of Anne Frank with Morgan Freeman playing her father and Will Smith as her brother, and Kevin Spacey makes his comeback turning in an award winning performance as Barack Obama in the upcoming Broadway play, Hope and Change.  There is no word on who will play Nelson Mandela in a proposed biopic film.  My suggestion: Chuck Norris.

That’s it for this week.  Remember… Campbell’s Soup: It’s Mmmm…Mmmm good.


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