A Train Wreck, "The Curse" and Comic & Coloring Books: The Culture Wars- December 26th edition

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Phew!!!  We made it through another Christmas and surprisingly the “war on Christmas” choruses were few and far between this year. 


However, as always, the Left and their social justice warrior drop-outs were out there making some news.  Here are the seven best (or worst)- in no particular order- stories from the past week:


Although the investigation into a deadly Amtrak train derailment in Washington is nowhere near completed, CBS News has found the culprit: Donald Trump.

According to anchor Jeff Glor, a safety system that could have prevented the accident was supposed to be operational two years ago.  It seems that after a crash in California in 2015, Congress delayed the deadline until 2018.

OK- so a train accident happens in 2015 which would put us in the next-to-last year of the Obama Utopia.  Then Congress- NOT the Executive Branch under either Obama OR Trump- delays implementation to the end of 2018.  Yet, Donald Trump is somehow responsible.  Only in the mind of the Left…


Due out in 2020, two “researchers” ask this burning question: “what new lines of inquiry, including research questions and social justice engagements, are possible when we center our attention on menstrual health and politics across the lifespan?”  In fact, these researchers are suggesting a new course of study in today’s colleges- “critical menstrual studies.”


You see- menstruation is also studied in the field known as gynecology.  But, this has nothing to do with medicine or biology and a lot to do with grievance and forcing people to talk about subjects they would rather not.  Menstrual politics- what a concept!


Bill Sankeiwicz is an artist who has done work for DC, Marvel, Warner Brothers and others.  He is also a hypocritical ass of the highest order.  In a recent Facebook posting, he listed “The Most Punchable Faces of 2017.”  Realizing ahead of time that would be controversial, considering there was only one woman on his list, he said it was not a call to violence against women.

Still, he managed to put the face of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders- apparently the ONLY woman who is permitted to be fat-shamed by the “tolerant” Left- superimposed over a bulls eye target.  That’s right, Sankiewicz is guilty of the same thing Sarah Palin was accused of regarding the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords.  Incidentally, in a now-deleted post, Sankiewicz once promised a free painting to anyone who would assault Donald Trump.  By the way, did I mention Huckabee Sanders is the only woman on his list of faces that deserve a punch.


A recent survey by Education Week found that 29% of teachers consider themselves liberal, 27% conservative and the remainder (44%) moderate.  This mirrors previous studies.  A 2005 NEA poll found that by a 50-44% margin, America’s school teachers considered themselves more “conservative” than “liberal.”


This then begs the question as to why 99% of the NEA’s $151 million in political spending in 2016 went to Democrats/liberals.  Or why 100% of the AFT’s $44 million went to Democrats/liberals.  Inquiring minds want to know the answers why a union would spend money on candidates who share little in common with their constituents politically.  These same minds would like to know why teachers themselves continue to support a union that does not respect their views.


Its a funny thing.  Coloring books in elementary schools are now frowned upon even though they help with fine motor skills and such.  But, in the adult world, coloring books are all the rage these days.  College students are now provided with coloring books when they become stressed because some speaker with which they disagree is speaking on the other side of campus.  Coloring books have replaced punching bags to relieve stress in adults.

Enter Jim Corbett, one of the authors of a new coloring book for adults titled, “I Am So Sick of White Guys.”  Corbett and his co-author, by the way, are white guys.  For the low price of $10 (crayons not included) you can color such pages with the titles like “De-Evolution of Man: From Man to the Klan” which depicts that iconic picture of the evolution of man from monkey to upright human.  They take it two steps forward with a protester and placard (no doubt wearing a MAGA hat) and a Klan member.


The authors say it has nothing to do with hate although they are donating 10% of all proceeds to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


Marvel is learning the hard way after introducing such woke and diverse characters as a gay Latina Miss America, a Muslim Ms. Marvel, a bi-racial Spiderman, a female Thor and a black female teen Iron Man.  Things reached a breaking point in October at New York’s Comic Con when retailers argued that Marvel’s diversity push was killing sales.  Those meetings were cut short given the temperature in the room.

And the economics don’t lie: in 2016, sales were up only 5.3% over 2015 which was considerably lower than the 9.9% growth in sales predicted.  But, things got worse in 2017 when the diversity-push went into full effect.  Over the first nine months of the year, comic book sales have FALLEN 10.3%.

As many have noted, comic book buyers do not have a problem with a racially diverse collection of new characters.  They do have a problem with turning Thor into a female or Spiderman into an Afro-Latino.  Regardless, Marvel announced the cancellation of six titles and they all have one thing in common- they have racially diverse or gay heroes.


Joss Whedon, creator of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, recently took to Twitter to express outrage over the tax reform package where he portrayed Paul Ryan as a vampire with blood dripping from his mouth with the caption: “not pictured, blood on his hands.”  For in the world and mind of the Left, a tax cut means death to someone, probably the “poor.”


He then later tweeted: “Trump takes office/ I miss Obama.  Tax plan passes/I miss George III.”  This strange reference to King George III would make Whedon about 198 years old.

Surprisingly- or not- this moron of the Left is worth about $100 million, yet his charitable contributions to “the poor” are negligible.

That’s it for this week and this year.  I am sure 2018 will not disappoint in the nonsense that emanates from the mouths and actions of the deranged culture warriors.  Have a safe and happy New Year’s.


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