Culture War Craziness- October 4th edition: The Gun Issue


I interrupt my weekly railing about the wacky, loony world of the social justice warrior and dedicate this edition to the Las Vegas shooting that left at least 58 dead and hundreds of others injured.  In this single issue- gun control- the Leftist loons came out in all their loony glory.  For example:



The shooting took place Sunday night and before any body grew cold, our elected Democratic Party officials had taken to the floor of Congress and social media to weigh in.  Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy implored Congress to “get off its ass” and do something.  The “something” is not specified.  Elizabeth Warren said that “something” has to be done now and she even capitalized the word “now” to show she was serious.  Hillary Clinton- well, who cares what she says anymore?

Bernie Sanders gave some amorphous, vague, stock Twitter comment while Ed Markey said it was time to close the mythical gun show loophole.  Clinton somehow managed to change the debate to silencers which were not even involved here.  Come to think of it, we are not even sure gun shows are involved.

There was one good side effect: some Democrats suspended their “impeach Trump” campaigns.


Of course, our learned and informed entertainment industry elitist class usually protected by gun-toting security weighed in with their unique perspective.  Lady (Goo-Goo) Gaga said there was blood on the hands of Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.  Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid questioned whether the Second Amendment was even worth it.  Alleged comedian Ian Michael Black labeled the NRA a terrorist organization while Sheryl Crow invoked the right of concert-goers to enjoy a night out without fear because of the government not banning assault rifles.  There were likely more, but let us not forget the hypocritical tears and choked-up lectures from the likes of Jimmy Kimmel.  It appears that he has beefed up security at the taping of his shows with armed off-duty police officers.



The “actress,” social activist and beached walrus said that incidents like this are inevitable because its all about gender and race.  That’s it- no specifics here… just gender (Steven Paddock was a male) and race (he was also white).  What the shooting had to do with either is left unanswered, but one guesses it has something to do with toxic masculinity.

Isn’t it funny how liberals like Dunham make a social justice career out of perpetuating the fallacy there is no difference between genders- that it is just a silly social construct- only to then invoke gender differences when convenient?  Perhaps, if we were a population of transgender somethings, there would be no mass shootings.


This aging, increasingly unfunny harpy took to Instagram to accuse Republicans of valuing contributions from the NRA over human life.  To quote Ms. Handler:

When are Republicans going to value human life more than the money that they get from the NRA…When we stand up and say no more. Call your representative and let them know that we value human life over campaign donations. NO MORE.

Again with the capital letters!  Handler is also an avid abortion booster having penned an article in that paragon of feminist thought, Playboy, confessing to having no regrets about having two abortions.

But before Ms. Handler goes accusing anyone of not valuing human life, consider this fact: In 2013 alone, there were 664,500 abortions.  That exceeds the number of human lives snuffed out by gun violence from 2013 to 2017 by a magnitude of hundreds of thousands.  Handler is the last person who should be invoking the value of human life argument.



According to Huffington Post blogger Amanda Mancino-Williams: “When will we stop letting white men terrorize our country?”  Charles Clymer of GQ tweeed out: “It matters to say that Stephen Paddock was white and a terrorist,” followed by “This was a terrorist attack by a white male,” followed by “We are more likely to be killed by white men w/ guns in this country than foreign terrorists who claim to be Muslim,” followed by “why is there no ban on them.”

Former Hillary hack Claude Taylor apparently did not get the message from his former boss that banning silencers would have prevented this tragedy.  Mr. Taylor went a different route with this tweet: “We need Travel Ban for white men. One that prevents them from traveling to gun stores/shows or wherever they acquire this type of weaponry.”

And finally in a sad attempt to gain some POC cred since he believes himself to be black, Shaun King said this: “Only in America can whiteness prevent the man who conducted the deadliest mass shooting in American history from being called a terrorist.”

This whole terrorist thing is as bad as the whiteness or gender thing.  We currently have no idea why Paddock did what he did.  Perhaps, he didn’t like country music, or his room in the hotel.  Perhaps, he had a bad week at the slots, or he wanted to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.  Unless there is a political, religious or racial motivation, it is a stretch to call this terrorism.  Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof and Micah Johnson were terrorists.  The losers at Columbine and Paddock, as far as we know, are not.



According to Michael Harriot, a social justice writer at the Root- an offshoot of Univision- the Las Vegas tragedy was not the worst mass shooting in US history because “we don’t count black lives.”  As examples, he holds out Oklahoma City (which involved explosives, not guns), the massacre of the Pomo tribe on Bloody Island, the Colfax massacre of 1873 and the Elaine (Arkansas) massacre of 1919.

By this logic, Las Vegas comes nowhere near the almost 100 white coal miners killed at the Battle of Blair Mountain.  Or the Ludlow Massacre when the Colorado National Guard fired on 1,200 striking workers.  Harriot ends his article with amazing proclamation: “While all loss of life is tragic, on the scale of white people killing people of color, Paddock wouldn’t even make the all-star team…”


Let’s leave talk about gun show loopholes, banning silencers, and banning the sale of assault rifles out of the conversation.  In the unrealistic Utopian mind of the Left, nothing short of a complete ban on firearms is what they desire where everyone will suddenly get along and the bad guys will use knives, pipes and fists instead of guns.  The only people who would have firearms would be the military and law enforcement.

But this is the same law enforcement, we are told, who act as judge, jury and executioner of blacks and other minorities.  Does that make sense to create a monopoly on guns in the hands of those you accuse of being “fascist pigs” especially when we have an allegedly fascist President?  Taking guns from the law-abiding citizen is fascism.


People are entitled to their opinions no matter how unrealistic and stupid they may be.  But at least show some logical consistency.  Despite all the rhetoric and all the tears shed by Jimmy Kimmel in his cracking voice, the Left once again shows their hypocrisy, lack of logic, ignorance and idiocy once again.  {Suggestion for Kimmel: the crying schtick is growing old quick.  He isn’t the moral conscience of America because he can cry on demand.}


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