Robert Reich Proves Again Why He is a Douche

Robert Reich, the Lilliputian former Labor Secretary under Clinton, is a regular (weekly) contributor to one of my favorite loony Left wing websites- Alternet.  This week his article is titled “Robert Reich’s First 100 Days Resistance Agenda.”  This assumes that Robert Reich holds some important lofty position within Leftist politics and that people actually read Alternet on a regular basis.  This is a website that boasts 5.9 million visits per month when the real number is more like 1.3 million.


His agenda is straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook for sore losers.  Unlike most of us sane people on the Right who opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy for President, we realize that the election is over, the results are in and Trump will be inaugurated come January, 2017.  Many have expressed a willingness to give him a chance while holding his feet to the fire.  But, not the extreme Left which is surprising since many of Trump’s proposals mesh nicely with some (not all) Leftist beliefs.

In order, his first step is to have the Democrats in Congress oppose his agenda, specifically: “ Prolong the process of approving choices, draw out hearings, stand up as sanctuary cities and states.”  In other words, behave much as they did when George W. Bush was President while railing against “gridlock” when Obama was President.  Thus, step one in Reich’s agenda is basically more of the same.  Unfortunately, other than Supreme Court Justices, it only takes 51 Senators to confirm a cabinet position and Reich can thank Harry Reid for that.  And with the GOP in control of the Senate, they set the agenda and the time table, not the minority party.

Step 2: “March and demonstrate—in a coordinated, well-managed way. The “1 Million Women March” is already scheduled for the Inauguration—and will be executed with real skill.”  He then suggests Million Latino marches and Million Muslim marches.  Come to think of it, that would not be a bad idea and make it easier for ICE, the FBI, Homeland Security, etc. to identify potential terrorists, terrorist sympathizers and illegal immigrants.  Provided they peacefully demonstrate, they have a Constitutional right.  But if anything, the Left has proven that violence and demonstrating go hand-in-hand.


Step 3: Boycott all Trump products.  Ah yes….the old Leftist standby- the boycott.  The only problem with this is that most readers of Alternet probably do not nor have they ever patronized a Trump hotel, golf course or bought Trump vodka or water or even a necktie.  This is sort of like telling someone on the Right to boycott the Broadway show Hamilton.

Steps 4 and 5 go together: Write letters to the editor and articles for op-ed pages.  Reich argues that they are the most read parts of newspapers, but leaves out the fact that newspapers themselves are a relic of the past and a dying medium.  As for the op-ed pages, apparently the Left did not get the memo that people are tired to being lectured by elitist Ivy League types.  They’re so tired they went out and voted for Trump.

Likewise, steps 6 and 7 go together: Use social media like a YouTube channel to get out “the word” and websites with up-to-date bulletins for where the nearest protest will be held.  Being that Arab Spring worked out so well, let’s try the Leftist Spring here in the United States.  And one can see the mischief that can perpetrated with a website where indignant Leftists are drawn to empty warehouses or Podunk, USA for the latest rally.

Step 8: Investigative journalism- There is nothing wrong with this notion and all presidents should expect it.  But, when investigating, it should not be done with an agenda and since Reich is laying out an “agenda,” it becomes not investigative journalism but journalistic harassment.


Next at step 9 is coordinated fundraising, which is probably what Reich is aiming for all along.  It seems ironic that someone like Reich who loathes the “influence” of money in politics is urging more money in politics.  He suggests a televised fundraiser.  One supposes Greenday, Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry will perform in between receiving lectures from Hollywood elites.  In short, Left Aid.

After this comes lawsuits.  Instead of “Drill, baby, drill,” Reich suggests “Sue, Baby Sue,” which this writer believes would make a great country song one day.  Actually, this is nothing new since the Left is great at holding up “progress” in the name of social justice and environmentalism.  I do not see anything remotely new and unique here.

Next comes symbolic and intellectual opposition.  Reich suggests selling wristbands that signify one’s opposition to Trump.  Perhaps, they could be made of rubber matching the color of Trump’s hair.  Or lapel pins.  Bumper stickers.  You name it; the sky is the limit.  We could have adorable anti-Trump blankets and pillows, toilet paper, jewelry, sneakers, etc.  One problem: what if this stuff is sold at a store being boycotted by the Left?  As for intellectual opposition, that is an oxymoron when it comes to the Left.

Finally, he suggests serious accountability which, one supposes, is like “extreme vetting.”  He closes the argument asking people to suggest other means of protesting Trump.  The article on Alternet is right above another asking readers to continue to boo Mike Pence and the Trump administration.  Reich suggests how to go about it.


But like most of Reich’s Utopian nonsense that emanates from his tiny little body, after some initial hoopla and hollering, things will likely calm down as the Left crawls out of their caves and realizes the sun still shines.  We on the Right learned that lesson in 2008.



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