Opinion: The Left continues to Promote Its Disdain For Our Military

Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian

(Note: Photo above shows the Army and Marine Corps Colors with Battle Streamers in President Donald J. Trump’s Oval Office)

Doubtless, many of you have read about the recent treatment of our National Guardsmen once their political utility, promoting the leftist meme that our Capitol was some ”city under siege,” was no longer necessary. Over 25,000 National Guard members were taken out of their productive work in the private sector, where incidentally they pay taxes to support leftist protestors who don’t work. These patriotic men and women, willingly answered the call to the colors, showed up and did their duty.

Although the “threat” to the Inauguration never really materialized in DC or in any of the state capitals as predicted, a (very minor) case could be tortured into existence, that the military show of force was responsible for that. How did our vaunted politicians repay the National Guard for leaving their families and their jobs to protect them? They got exiled to a cold, damp, underground parking garage while waiting for their betters to decide if and when they can go home to their families.

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Pretty crappy. But as I noted, that seems to be the standard lately by the elite class of politicians and pundits.

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Pretty nasty words and actions. Well, we can always tell where the Leftists have their heads. They are good at using symbols to tell us just how they hate us. In the latest case of that, President Biden takes the leftist hatred of our Military into the Oval Office. As reported by American Military News, the newly installed, illegitimate President has once again demonstrated why he actually lost to Donald J. Trump. In one of his first acts, obviously not setting the American people as his priority, was to remove the military colors of the Armed Services from his office, where they had been prominently displayed by President Trump.

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In the greater scheme of things, no big deal. As a symbolic communication of just what remains of Biden’s cognitive ability rests, it tells us one helluvalot. Stay tuned for more silliness.

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