Opinion: Thank You Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConnell

As several of my colleagues and I have been discussing, the leftists have once again impeached President Donald Trump. Not satisfied with openly and notoriously stealing a Presidential election and Senate runoff, the Leftists now want to spike the football by forcing the American Taxpayers to fund yet another impeachment, based on the blatantly fabricated and false charge of “inciting to riot.”


As I noted yesterday, this is a bad move on the part of the leftists. First of all, the Senate attempting to hold an impeachment trial on a President who is no longer in office, is on obviously shaky, constitutional grounds. Moreover, doing so would merely serve to fortify Donald Trump’s post presidential power, allowing him to be the ultimate influencer in Republican House and Senate primaries, thus seriously debilitating Mitch McConnell and Leader McCarthy.

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My colleague, shipwreckedcrew had this to say:

What we are witnessing in Washington DC this week is a concerted effort — by the establishments of both parties — to remove Donald Trump from the map of politics in the United States, to delegitimize everything done by the Trump Administration over four years as justification for a rollback, to validate all the claims made against him by his opponents in both parties, and to brand his supporters as undemocratic and anti-American in order to fracture the non-traditional coalition of interests he brought together.

This is an effort — by the establishments of both parties — to render Trump and his coalition ineffective as a political movement by making it radioactive to any conservative politician who might try to harness it in pursuing a similar policy agenda in the future.


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He’s right. But Trump will easily overcome that line of thinking by the leftists and their RINO enablers. Best of all, that isn’t all of the good news. This impeachment show by Speaker Pelosi, further assisted by Leader McConnell, has already saved us deplorables, along with us folks out here in flyover country a lot, I mean a LOT of homework. As noted by my colleague and Red State Managing Editor, Streiff, the following Republican House members voted along with the Democrats fascists, to impeach President Trump:

1.  Liz Cheney (Wyo)
2.   Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio) 
3.   Jaime Herrera Beutler (Wash)
4.   John Katko (NY)
5.   Adam Kinzinger (Ill)
6.   Peter Meijer (Mich)
7.   Dan Newhouse (Wash)
8.   Tom Rice (SC)
9.   Fred Upton (Mich)
10. David Valadao (Calif)

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He points out that the Republican Party has to make sure that Representative Liz Cheney’s bad behavior is sanctioned for the good of the party. The Boss is right. But Cheney isn’t the only one. That ten person list, provides both President Trump and his loyal supporters with a great starting point for purging the Republican Party of establishment RINOs prior to the 2022 midterms. The House impeachment is one half. If/when there is a Senate vote, we’ll also be able to identify a few more leftists in Republican clothing hiding in that chamber.


Conservatives who are still working for a living, don’t have a whole lot of time to do research on candidates, especially in other states/districts. It take a bit of effort to look up voting records, policy positions. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell have just made the selection process for the 2022 primary season a whole lot easier. We owe them both a huge Thank You. See you in 2022!


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