Happy New Year & the Trail to Triumph

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Happy New Year, Red State! 2020 was a wild ride with some quite unexpected twists and turns, not all of them wonderful. I’m sure many of you watched in disbelief as the Democrats, aided and abetted by the press and their RINO enablers, attempted to openly and notoriously steal a presidential election. Yet despite what the press keeps trumpeting, this is not yet decided.


More and more evidence is coming into the public domain. This evidence is of such magnitude that, despite the best efforts of the Federal Judiciary to abdicate their duties, over 100 GOP lawmakers have signed on to dispute the vote count in several swing states. At least one GOP Senator has also signed on, which means the issue must now be debated by both houses of Congress.

I’m not going to weigh in on the legal aspects of the endgame. We have a number of talented writers who have better training and experience than I do in that domain. Because of our stellar bench here at Red State, I have kept my own counsel since Election Night. However, just before the election, I had a conversation with the Managing Editor who approved a project on Conservative strategy going forward.

Our conversation presupposed a Trump victory and a modest realignment of priorities going forward towards 2024. The idea was to build on the foundations Trump has laid and make it more difficult for the leftists to take us backward if/when they did manage a takeover of all three branches of government. Given how this election is playing out and further given how the Georgia Senatorial runoff appears to be manifesting some of the same GOP-driven, self-inflicted wounds, a series such as this is even more important.

Conservatives are all about fixing problems. Conservatives ask the question, “What can I do to help?” This series will explore a number of ways that each of us, along with friends and family, can help rebuild conservative “socio-political infrastructure” that, in one example, can help prevent outright theft of elections. Categories for discussion will include: Legal, Commerce, Resistance (to Democrat overreach), Institutions, and more. Each of these will have a series of stand-alone articles on some aspect the category. As these get published, we will organize them onto a consolidated page with links by category, so our readers don’t have to go back and search for a particular article they wish to re-read and/or quote from.


The idea is to not only provoke more conservative thought in a longer format, but also to create a “one-stop-shop,” reference point. This ain’t gonna be a one-man show folks. There is a LOT of expertise on the Red State Team…That team includes the Front Page Writers, the Volunteer Diarists, and most importantly, YOU, the reader. I’ve lost track of the many times that reader comments have turned me on to important ideas that resulted in one or more articles. I expect this effort to be the same.

So for now folks, be of good cheer. With apologies to Senator John Blutarski as a college student, “It ain’t over until we say it’s over.”

Happy New Year!




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