Opinion: How Media Thumb On The Scale Can Provide President Trump Opportunity In The Final Debate

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As I’ve mentioned previously, I get my ideas from all over the place, sometimes with only a tenuous connection to what I really want to write. That happened yesterday as I was perusing an American Thinker article where Monica Showalter wrote:

Back in the old days, reporters used a crazy angry response from an embattled pol like that as a badge of honor.  They were over the target.  They were on to something important.  Today, they fall back as obedient schoolboys and behave themselves now with ice cream questions, which Joe is happy to answer.

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She then proceeded to delineate a litany of occasions whereby the establishment media appears to be an arm of the Biden campaign, rather the vigilant Fourth Estate envisioned by the First Amendment. Ms. Showalter’s piece led me to report by the New York Post about the designated moderator for the final debate, Democrat operative and Clinton supporter disguised as an NBC reporter, Kristen Welker:

In March 2016 Welker was busted on live television tipping off Hillary Clinton’s Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri about at least one question she planned to ask her during a post-debate interview in Michigan. At the time Clinton was locked in a fierce fight for the Democratic nomination against Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Here is the YouTube Clip. Critical point is right at the beginning.

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This is not however, just another story about the leftist media being in the tank for Senile Joe, which as we know, would be the quintessential dog bites man (non) story. This is about possible opportunity. We’ve seen this type of thing before. When CNN’s Donna Brazil leaked questions to the criminal crone from Chappaqua, just prior to her town hall debate with Commie Bernie. Our managing editor Streiff, wrote about that here:

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Unfortunately, Brazil wasn’t the moderator in any debates between then Candidate Trump and Clinton, thus denying Trump the opportunity to castigate her. This Thursday will be a different story. We have the named moderator of the final debate who has been recorded on camera providing an interview question to the Clinton campaign’s Communication Manager before (or so she thought) going live for that interview.

This could present the perfect opportunity for President Trump to properly put the moderator off her game. He will have to choose his timing properly and he will have to do so with the proper tone. But at some point, likely when she attempts to provide some sort of cover for Biden, the President can carefully, but credibly, accuse her of putting her thumb on the scale, citing the 2016 interview as evidence of her willingness to be a shill for the Democrats.

If/when he does this, it needs to be a quick hit and then move on to a substantive policy statement of his own or follow up/rebuttal of Biden’s. The President should allow the post game punditry to carry the ball further regarding Welker’s lack of professionalism and journalistic ethics. As always, timing and tone are everything.