Opinion: The Steps Towards Revolution or Hostile Takeover From Within (Part IV, Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?)

In the iconic scene in the cult classic, Pulp Fiction, Jules Winnfield (played by Samuel L. Jackson) coined a famous statement/challenge: Say what again! My version of that is Say New Normal again! This [pause] is the new normal, breathily gushed by the press, is just another form of propaganda, another act of directed psychological operations.


For your amusement, here is a GIF of a piece of that scene

Here is a YouTube Clip. WARNING!!! Language is NOT suitable at work, around kids, or your Momma. WARNING!

Psychological operations are messages and actions meant to convince a target audience to believe certain things and then, based on those beliefs, take certain actions or adopt certain behaviors. The New Normal has become a typical press cliche, much like hunker down was the go-to phrase during a past hurricane season. However, it has become much more than the press being its typically pretentious self.

It is meant to convey a message, engender certain beliefs, and promote certain behaviors, followed by the adoption or greater internalization of those beliefs.

Let’s look at two messages and how they are mutually supporting…and how they help set up the future for the leftist operations. First of all, let’s look at Wear your mask! From our friendly neighborhood grocery store Karen to the ever smarmy Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. The rabid pack of hyenas from the Fourth Estate has even gone after the President of the United States. Their position is, he caused a super spreader event because of his refusal to wear a mask at the Rose Garden ceremony for Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

They then went absolutely bonkers, claiming President Trump put his Secret Service detail in danger by going for a five-minute drive up and down the street in front of Walter Reed Medical Center to wave at supporters. That’s what leaders do in times of crisis. They try to be publicly visible to the people, especially when being out in public could be dangerous. The press was having none of that.


The Fourth Estate went nuts, as my colleague and good friend Sister Toldjah notes here.

But the opprobrium, nay downright hatred spewed at the President, wasn’t merely because he was having a Gipper moment, as I explained here.

President Trump was violating The Message. The message, is that the Wuhan China virus is the deadliest thing since the Bubonic Plague. Hence, President Trump shouldn’t have put the Secret Service agents ( who volunteered to drive him) at risk. The message is that (somewhat contrary to the first) Masks work! You should wear them!

This is about so much more than the upcoming election. The purpose is over time, to continue what they have done for decades, to solidify the authority of officialdom, both elected and most especially, unelected. The idea is to foster the belief that an edict from a Dr. Fauci type has the scientific authority equivalent to an encyclical from the Pope. It’s the rarely visible Fauci’s that are the most dangerous to liberty. They are the ones who hide behind multi-letter degrees to promote a veneer of credibility while being unaccountable to the folks paying the bills, like you and me. But those Fauci’s need a megaphone.

That’s where the press comes in. There hasn’t been one day go by in the last thirty, that some reporter or another hasn’t brought up the subject of masks. Some, such as the aforementioned Chris Wallace, have gone so far as to blame the First Family for Wuhan China Virus cases that popped up on the Presidential staff following the Presidential Debate at the Cleveland Clinic. All over the news for the past couple days, has been a steady dirge (or panegyric) depending on not political affiliation, but rather how the particular pundit wants to approach the subject.


For the ever-present concern trolls, some even appearing on Fox News, it was a lament of regret for rallies and non-mask use and alleged hope that the President had learned his lesson from all this. On the more militant side, there was jubilation that the president and people close to him could die. All of this, as the CDC now says that the Wuhan China Virus particle can remain airborne for several hours, which would kind of imply that cloth masks are worse than worthless, but I digress.

Where does all of this leave us? The Founders and Framers were flat out geniuses. They came up with the idea that had never been tried at scale before—an idea that sovereignty was an individual attribute granted by Almighty God and not the purview of a human sovereign. These great men put in place a working system that allowed us to grow from 13 subservient colonies clinging precariously to the edge of a continent, to a continent-spanning nation from sea to shining sea.

Part and parcel of that was their brilliance at putting obstacles in place to prevent a return to tyranny, either by a single tyrant or that of the majority over the individual rights of the minority. Over the centuries, our societal pieces have grown, both governmental and not. Some of that growth has been beneficial and some, not so much.

The necessary parts I like to call, the custodial functions, kind of in the same category of a trust. We give governments at all levels, actual and sometimes coercive power to act on our behalf. We give the Federal government the power to declare the wars and collect the taxes. We form local police forces to enforce the just laws and ordinances we decide upon together.


We even allow ourselves to be moved by referent power. We allow unelected entities such as Universities, think tanks, and professional associations such as the American Bar Association or the American Medical Association, have undue power over us. We allow Universities whose objectives might not be in our college kid’s best interest to set the classroom instruction and conduct. We let the American Bar Association, which is an advocacy group for lawyers, to weigh unduly and perhaps even corruptly, in the confirmation of federal judgeships, including the Supreme Court.

Back during my brief 10-year stint piloting a green and white squad car around a patrol sector in South Florida, my fellow Deputy Sheriffs viewed the Federal Bureau of Investigation as sort of the High Priesthood of law enforcement. Anyone remotely paying attention to the biggest scandal since Watergate, the use of Federal law enforcement and intelligence assets to illegally spy on a Presidential candidate on behalf of the other, knows this viewpoint no longer obtains.

As I’ve previously noted, over time, we put custodians, both formal and referent, in place to watch over and protect us from governmental overreach. During that time, as the situation slowly metastasized, it became exceedingly apparent that we had forgotten to ask the question, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen? More to follow. Stay tuned.



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