Opinion: We Don’t Need Hollywood Squares At Our Convention

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Bottom line up front: We do not in any shape, fashion or form, need to be duplicating the Democrat snooze fest we were subjected to last week. The ultimate insult a screen full of boxes, yet boxes themselves not completely filled. The only excitement in the whole sordid event, was the parking lot fireworks at the very end. There has been plenty of reporting on just what a mess it was, including mine.

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We know the Democrats would absolutely love us to follow in their footsteps, as it would level the playing field between the doddering dunce the donkey party has nominated, and the dynamic dervish that is The Donald. As I noted previously, the former Vice President cannot hope to keep up with a Donald Trump who could attend 5-10 major events each week coming into personal contact with hundreds of thousands of people.

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The last thing the Democrats want, is live video of the Republican Convention showing thousands of excited Republicans cheering for their champion. At this stage, I fully realize that the convention planners have to make some compromises. There obviously won’t be a ginormous convention hall with thousands of screaming Trump supporters. However, I don’t believe we need to go totally the opposite direction with remote speeches that were typed days, even weeks in advance—Yes, that’s you, Madam First Lady Obama.


It appears we might be heading down that road, or something akin to it. Yesterday on Brietbart News Saturday,** with Matt Boyle, I heard some things that concerned me. Boyle’s guest was Toney Sayegh who he billed as the Program Manager for the Republican National Convention. After some chit chat, Sayegh explained the scheme of maneuver so to speak, on how the convention was going to work…as a Virtual convention, more on that in a bit.

He stressed the difference between the Democrat event which was dark and gloomy, with the Republican Convention which will be positive and uplifting stating:

We have the best message and the best messenger in The President.

Sayegh went on:

We’re turning our convention over to the American People—the forgotten men and women of this country who The President has dedicated his presidency to fighting for.

Boyle and Sayegh went on to discuss some of the folks on the speakers list, including Nicholas Sandmann who has won two defamation suits against major newspapers and Mark & Pat McCloskey who were forced to defend their home against rioting ANTIFA & BLM members when the police refused to help.

Along with regular, hard working Americans, there will of course be some of our own political rock stars such as Ambassador Nikki Haley and Senator Tim Scott acting as “the warm up band” for the President.


Here’s the thing that truly concerns me. These are all going to be great speakers. And as Mr. Sayegh said, we have the best messenger there is, in President Donald J. Trump. No question. But what brings the energy to the table, the power behind the communication, is the right audio and visuals That the country gets to see.

Sandman’s story is going to be far less effective if there is no visual of an audience responding to his tale of persecution by billion dollar media giants. Mrs. McCloskey’s ability to convey her abject fear of physical harm or even death, needs audience reaction to be as powerful as it should be—so it can properly carry the message of lawlessness and death the Democrats are actively fomenting in our cities.

Then there are the political speeches, leading up to the most important political speech of all. What we need, is the opposite of a long line of politicos delivering the same old stuff. What we need is:

Stemwinder: A rousing speech that causes a lively reaction to those listening.

We need a stemwinder, nay a series of them. But it’s hard to rouse your audience when you can’t see them. This is a tough nut for Mr. Sayegh, but he needs to crack it. Remote doesn’t necessarily mean prerecorded in a series of living rooms or sound stages. It could mean that various designated speakers do their pitches from a number of different watch party locations in front of local audiences. Of course local RNC producers should make sure audience reaction is duly captured during the good parts.


I’m just an old grunt. I’m certainly not anywhere near as technologically savvy as the team President Trump has helping him. I’m sure if he puts the hammer down and says Figure this out. it will happen. I hope it does. I really do. I hope Mr. Sayegh sees this.

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