Opinion: Mike’s Thoughts About the Final Night of Prime Time Democrat Mendacity

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020, at the Chase Center in Wilmington, Del. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

First of all, to all you Red State fans that quite understandably did NOT tune into last night’s goat rodeo, I will accept your thanks, preferably in bottles of scotch or bourbon. There’s absolutely no way I would have put up with that mess, were it not for your loyal readership and your solid support for the Red State Team. Seriously folks, we really do try to provide the best info possible for when you can’t be there to see the carnage for yourself. Did I mention Scotch and/or Bourbon?

Anyhow…things played out about as expected, given the Democrat performance the last three nights. As I did previously, last night I gave the leftists some handicap points for “having” to do this virtually. However, my kindness only went so far. My good friend and colleague Becca Lower, accurately described the production as a ”Two-Hour Trump Derangement Syndrome Imfomercial.” She’s right.

Here’s what happened…sorta. I may have nodded off or grabbed a bourbon refill at one point or another.

Right out of the gate and even before show time, the leftwing media, led by the Clinton News Network, were managing expectations while whitewashing the poor production performance of the past 3 days. Interestingly, one CNN panel I heard stated that the Republicans should adopt the DNC method for its convention. That comment caused me to snort a mouthful of pretty decent single barrel bourbon out of my nose. If you watched any of the past three days, you can imagine why.


The other “prep the battlefield” these folks did, was a lot of touting of Vice President Biden’s deep faith…said deep faith that finds him in support of the murder of how many unborn children every year? Give me a break. That same “deep faith” lets him abandon his fatherly duties to mentor a surviving son such that said son doesn’t ….

As the show started…there was the de rigueur sympathy pitch, using Biden’s dead son. Although I respect Bo Biden’s military service, his father’s pimping it, sickens me…especially since that same “father” stood by while his other son….well, y’all know the story….multiple stories. This was repeated in the final intro to Vice President Biden’s acceptance speech. Hunter Biden cohosted that with his sister. I’ll let Y’all decide how that worked out.

On a note tying back into the CNN pregame show, the DNC Chair in his opening remarks “hoped that the RNC staff would put safety first in their convention.” Translated, they want our team to put on a show just as crappy as theirs. Somehow I believe that just ain’t gonna happen.

Anyhow, here are some of the highlights. I’m sure that if you didn’t tune in, you really don’t want the whole sordid mess, so here is the Reader’s digest version on how that played out.

As the night wore, trudged, staggered and crawled on, I could finally discern the Democrat focus, the themes of the night…Biden is a “Nice Man;” Vote; Rehashing the Civil rights Era; Vote; Mail In Ballots; Vote.


There were a couple attacks on POTUS for allegedly trying to suppress the vote, a blatant attempt to pimp mail in voting….followed by VOTE!

Then there was one segment, where Pete Buttegeige attempted to dredge up the non-existent issue of gay marriage…which Trump supports. Really?

One interesting part, was the comedienne they hired to make fun of President Trump regarding mail in ballots. What made it interesting, is that it was straight out of Saul Alinsky…ridicule your enemy…and make no bones about it, you and I are their enemy.

Speaking as a combat vet, with multiple combat tours, I found Biden’s comments about being the Commander In Chief insulting. What more could a POTUS do to take care of troops, than NOT send troops into war without a fully justified reason? Trump has been more circumspect about sending troops into harm’s way, since Eisenhower famously said, “don’t get involved in a land war in Asia.”

One thing that kept coming up….Vote, Vote, Vote. I assess that they are terrified that Trump’s is making inroads on Black vote. There were many instances where the civil rights movement of the 60’s was brought up. Of course, the oppression of Blacks was entirely a Democrat operation. I expect President Trump to make some serious hay with this.

Towards the end last night, there was one decent segment. There was a group of the defeated Democrats on a virtual panel, which actually came off well, technically speaking.


What about the main event? Well, like it or not Gang, the bar was set pretty low. You can expect the establishment media to swoon over Vice President Biden’s performance. Of course, all that really means is that Biden avoided as one Fox News Commenter said earlier, “if there is dog poo in a room, no matter how small or how out of the way, Joe will manage to step in it.”

My assessment: Lunch Bucket Joe managed to avoid stepping in the dog poo. He stuttered a bit early on, but managed to appear that he was walking along a well thought out path. Delivery was decent, although at the end, there was no, “God Bless America.”

Overall, I have to say that the 4 day, Democrat National Convention was pretty weak…even given the constraints. as I look at it from their point of view, it likely did not fire up their base. The production was just not good. There was no real pageantry to get folks emotionally engaged. It turned out that Biden’s finale was only marginally better than his sidekick Harris.

The leftists evidently did try to preclude Wednesday’s debacle. The parking lot outside the convention center, was converted to a “drive in” where supporters could watch the circus from their cars. Fireworks and horn honking substituted for Zoom applause. Good video angles made this look better than it was. Of course, perception is reality.

Good production or not, my final assessment is along the lines of the botched execution scene in “The Green Mile.” It’s the scene where after about 5 minutes of high voltage, flames and smoke, the condemned prisoner finally expires.


Hal: Okay, boys, okay. Now, what in the hell happened?

Paul: An execution. A successful one.

Hal: How in the name of Christ can you call that a success?

Paul: Eduard Delacroix is dead. [looks at Percy] Isn’t he?

Entire Scene Quote Here

As in ”The Green Mile,” the Democrat Party by the end of the evening and after 4 nights of excruciating television, named former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamela Harris as their party’s official nominees for President and Vice President respectively. And that describes the Democrat successful convention. He’s Nominated ain’t he?


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