Sheriff Could Face Recall for Gun Control Stance

Sheriff Mike Allen, Humboldt County Sheriff.
From the HCSO Website

In yet another case of The People pushing back against unconstitutional mandates, the December 18th edition of Law Enforcement Today reports that the people of Humboldt County, Nevada, are in no mood to tolerate a Sheriff who doesn’t understand the U.S Constitution, specifically, the Second Amendment. The article’s title/lede says it all.


Sheriff: I might not like the law, but I’ll still confiscate your guns.

Voters: We’re coming for your badge.

The article goes on to say that several citizens are leading an effort to recall Sheriff Mike Allen. The basis for their efforts are statements made by Allen indicating that he would comply with new state laws regarding Red Flag barriers to gun possession.

In a response to the recall efforts and likely some excoriation on social media, Sheriff Allen responded with (from the article)

“They’re taking up a fight against me on something the Legislature has to do, and they think I have the authority not to follow the law,” Allen said. “I do oppose this law. However, it’s my not my job to oppose a law; my job is to enforce the law.”

The best part, other than the killer lede, is how the author, Mitch McKinley totally eviscerates Allen using logic and very effective prose. Here is just one instance, again from the article.

According to you, you are not able to pick and choose which laws you enforce/ignore.

Since we are discussing unconstitutional laws, would you also enforce laws passed by the Nevada state legislators that required you to initiate traffic stops on black drivers at a rate of 3x that of white drivers?

Of course, you wouldn’t. And why not? Because it is wrong. It is a violation of people’s civil rights. And you would undoubtedly balk at the notion of such a law.

So why is the trampling of our 2nd Amendment rights less worthy of you standing up and saying, “No! Not on my watch.”


You can read the whole thing here: Sheriff: I might not like the law, but I’ll still confiscate your guns. Voters: We’re coming for your badge.

I’m glad to see this kind of thing coming out of a professional law enforcement publication. If the federal government ever does cross that tipping point where harder resistance becomes necessary, it will likely be local sheriffs and National Guardsmen with a conscience who protect us from that overreach.

On a cool Massachusetts Morning, 1775, Captain John Parker stood at the head of his local militia…on a cool Massachusetts morning.

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