Advancing Conservative Thought

First of all, if you are reading this, I want to thank you for your support above and beyond being a casual reader of advertising-supported commentary. You’ve decided to invest a portion of your hard-earned treasure in the advancement of Conservative Thought.

Why is this important? As Streiff noted, platforms where Conservatives can freely state their positions are rapidly being attacked by the left. The Leftists have brought the weaponization of advertising dollars — or their denial via boycott — to an entirely new level. Their boldly-stated intent is to deny us the ability to offer an alternative political choice to our fellow Americans—and they are effective.

Although they likely realize that it’s probably way too late to de-platform President Trump, you can bet that they won’t make the same mistake again in 2024 as we try and pick the best successor to him. That’s why this side of the site is so important. On the main side, we try to address the torrent of day to day issues that come and go—and there is absolutely a need for that. On this side, free from the tyranny of advertising, we have the opportunity to produce some more in-depth, thoughtful work—work that will help us advance Conservatism.

Nobody has expertise in all areas of political conflict. As we produce more “think pieces,” this side of the site will become what I like to call, an “argument library,” giving all of us a toolbox from which we can make the case for Conservatism, even in specialized areas that we might not be familiar with. We cannot do this without your help. Your active participation and communication are critical—not to mention, I enjoy interaction with folks who take the time to read my offerings. I look forward to even more give and take with this select group. Any thoughts or ideas on issues you’d like us to explore in-depth, please don’t be shy, let us know.


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