Republican Naysayers, Let Trump’s China Gambit Play Out

Over at American Spectator, in an article entitled, “Let It Play Out: A Reply to Ross Kaminsky,” Scot McKay has penned a stellar piece. He has produced what I believe to be the best analysis and riposte to naysayers regarding President Trump’s response to the trade war being levied on us by the Chinese.


McKay packages his article as a response to another article by Ross Kaminsky, a decent conservative writer, but with a pretty strong case of TDS. Kaminsky wrote a lengthy piece excoriating The President for a couple tweets. In one tweet, Trump “ordered” U.S. companies to look at other-than-China alternatives. In the other, he chided (in typical Trump fashion) the chairman of the Fed.

Kaminsky then went on to revisit “The Squad,” seemingly forgetting that President Trump flipped that race card right over and turned it on all the folks painting him out to be a racist…most notably, civil rights “icon” Elijah Cummings. Cummings has been pretty quiet since The President let the whole World know what a third world, you-know-what, his district is and has been under decades of Democrat governance. You can catch Kaminsky’s article, here.

McKay did a stellar job in refuting Kaminsky’s points, while making the best case I’ve seen, to just leave POTUS alone and based on previous experience, things will turn up roses for the United States in the Trade War China is currently waging against us. McKay did something else we should all do to ourselves. He reminded us that…


Think of this in terms of negotiation tactics. Sure, Trump’s language might be more bombastic than most would be comfortable with. But he’s aiming to make his interlocutor, which is not the American people in this case but the Chinese Communist Party, as uncomfortable as he can.

And…that President Trump needs to be taken seriously, not literally. The Democrats, of course will never do this. But those of us who wish to see a few more conservative justices take seats on the Supreme Court, better start. Great article by McKay. Take the time to read it.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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