Big Conservatism vs Trump: The Brawler

Big Conservatism vs Trump: the Brawler

I came across two very interesting articles this weekend that do a great job of explaining the phenomenon of President Donald J. Trump. The first, by Dr. Jack Kerwick decries the apparent lack of testicular fortitude amongst those who claim the most conservative of credentials, but can’t seem to understand that were are in a knock down, drag ‘em out war.


From the article.

Bearing this in mind, it should be painfully obvious that Big Conservatives, i.e. those in the so-called mainstream “conservative” media, or “the Big Con,” who are forever imploring the members of their audiences to “fight” the left so as to prevail in the “cultural wars,” or this “second Civil War,” are either dishonest or profoundly inept.

Big Conservatives at least speak as if they conceive of our contemporary politics as war by other means. We know that the left sees matters this way. Yet Big Conservatives, though they possess the ability—the resources in money and influence—to fight the left, their will for doing so is sorely lacking.

We all know who the “Big Conservatives” are…Kristol, Goldberg and that perfect example of political pusillanimity, George Will, among so many others. They bring moral preening and high dudgeon to an art form.

Dr. Kerwick concludes thusly,

The “ruthless intention” to which Master Al [his martial arts instructor] speaks is a matter of being in it to win it, so to speak. Big Conservatives, inasmuch as they do nothing but essentially whine that the left dislikes them and favors itself by way of its “double standards”—all of the while accusing leftists of being the snowflakes—give no indication that they are interested in doing anything other than enriching themselves.

Big Conservatism has the ability to genuinely fight the left.  It lacks the will.

Thus, the left will continue to win the war as long as it is the only side that is intent upon fighting.


Kerwick is right. As long as Kristol, Will, et al continue to be the so called “leaders” of conservative thought, we will remain on the road to perdition. However, there is some room for cautious optimism: President Donald J. Trump. In a Wall Street Journal piece called, Trump: A Brawler For Democracy, Holman W. Jenkins Jr. (that’s a mouthful) sets us up with,

Politicians, by the time they’ve asked millions for their money, their time, their support and their votes, are obliged to do just about anything to win. Once elected, they have an even bigger responsibility to defend their power and ability to govern. Ask any president: This, and not governing, is what they spend much of their time doing. And one thing you can say about President Trump: This most unlikely and in some ways weakest of presidents has brawled his way to victory over the most concerted delegitimization campaign any president has ever faced.

Jenkins is right. President Trump isn’t a dilettante like George Will. He understands that you cannot govern if you don’t win. When he gets hit, he hits back and with great effect, as I’ve indicated here here and here. Once in office, you can’t let your enemies control the message. Over the past few months, where has all the attention been, on President Trump’s Twitter feed, or the policy positions of the 13,497 declared Democrat Presidential contenders?

Instead of allowing her the room to promote the policies of a cohesive Democrat platform, President Trump has gotten Speaker Nancy Pelosi, titular head of the “mainline Democrats,” to publicly embrace four radical House members whose public statements and policy positions are in direct opposition to the interests of the Obama Blue Collar Democrats; Those same Obama voters who took a chance on Donald J. Trump in 2016.


President Trump’s deft use of his Twitter as a laser pointer teasing the Democrat herd (actually the term is “clowder” or “glaring” Thanks, “Big Bang Theory”) of cats, keeps him on the offense. Those 2016 Trump Democrats aren’t going back. Come 2020, they are going to low crawl to the polls to flip the lever for Trump. And they are going to bring some buddies with them. Why? Because President Trump doesn’t act like the weak chinned, mewling members of Big Conservative. He understands that is is a war. So he fights…on all fronts.

Mike Ford, a retired Infantry Officer, writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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