President Trump Has Whacked 13 Regulations For Each New One Enacted

Code of Federal Regulations: Public Domain

President Trump Has Whacked 13 Regulations For Each New One Enacted
In and amongst all the daily sturm und drang of the Trump Presidency, sometimes we just might need to step away from all the reality show stuff and have a deeper look at just how surprisingly and strategically effective President Trump actually is. Over at Legal Insurrection, they talk about something that is almost as important as Supreme Court Nominations—Regulatory Reform. From the article, Deregulation Nation: Trump Admin Killing 13 Regulations For Each New One

One of President Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to roll back Obama-era regulations and to lift a variety of restrictions put in place by the mammoth bureaucracy that is our federal government.

He stated in the lead-up to the 2016 election that he intended to eliminate two regulations for every new one.  To date, the Trump administration is far exceeding that goal, eliminating 13 regulations for every new one.

Thirteen for One! Six times better than he promised! That’s huge. According to Steve Forbes, quoted in the same article (emphasis mine) regulatory relief is just as important as tax cuts to unburden a moribund economy.

Two big things have been propelling the U.S. economy forward in impressive fashion: the 2017 Trump tax cuts and the president’s relentless drive to reduce unnecessary regulations, which are another form of taxation.

As most of us know, bureaucracies and their evil spawn, regulations, once born are well nigh impossible to kill. What’s more egregious, is that by pretty much a stroke of a pen and with very little oversight, nameless bureaucrats can reduce your take home pay or increase your cost of purchasing a common commodity. This news isn’t as good as hearing that Ruth Bader Ginsberg & John Roberts have retired, but it’s still pretty good. Drain. The. Swamp.

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