The Taming of the Shrew(s)

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CBS News

The Taming of the Shrew(s)

Peggy Ryan over at American Thinker has penned a great piece on President Trump’s tweets regarding Representative Omar and the rest of her ineptly named “squad.” Ms. Ryan aptly compares the the four to a shrewish wife (my license) always nagging and complaining. She also prescribes a remedy—a remedy remarkably similar to the President’s tweets on the matter. From the article.

Imagine you’re living with a significant other who despises you and informs you hourly how much.  How you chew your food, how you comb your hair, the shows you watch, your crappy friends.  Your ugly, broken down house sucks — too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, a sickly color.  This significant other would be better off living on the streets than this dump.  So how do you handle it?

The squad is our significant other.  They insult us, tear America down, berate us for being too white, too rich, too pro-Israel, too nationalist, and the list goes on.  They openly attack our friend, our greatest ally, Israel; spout anti-Semitic garbage; and pal around with terrorist groups who also hate Israel.

Like that constantly harping harridan, maybe it would be best if they left. If all they have is complaints and insults, perhaps they might be happier elsewhere.

Ryan goes on to point out the real issue at stake here and it’s not a few tweets by POTUS. It’s the ongoing leftist press (I know, redundant) and their partners the Democrats, efforts to separate the President from his supporters. Here’s the money quote

The government-media will continue to demand that the president stop these chants because they want to diffuse Trump rallies, blunt the energy, and separate President Trump from his supporters.  Stopping the chants would go a long way toward suppressing the energy, the passion. 

Ms. Ryan left out one critical set of bad actors, RINO never-Trumpers who immediately piled on with the Democrats and the press. Otherwise, she is spot on and she has a great way with words. You really should take the time to look the article over, especially the embedded video.

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