President Trump Is The Left’s White Whale

Trump is the Left’s White Whale

Yesterday, over at American Thinker, Patricia McCarthy penned a very well turned article entitled, Trump is the Democrats’ white whale, and Pelosi is Ahab


She opined that the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) manifested by just about the entire Democrat Party (and let’s not forget a few RINOs too-Mitt?) is especially obvious in speaker Pelosi’s words and actions. From the article

Trump is like Melville’s white whale.  The congressional Democrats are a collective Ahab, pathetic and self-destructive.  Determined to destroy what hounds them by its very existence and survival, they never learned the rule of holes: to stop digging.  For Pelosi, who has clearly lost control of her drove of sheep in the House, this once powerful woman has succumbed to her basest instincts: destroy the opposition at all costs.  This time, the cost may be, as it was for Ahab, her ultimate humiliation and that of her party

McCarthy does a great job tying together the sequence of events since Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency. She clearly and concisely calls out a number of bad actors who were all bound and determined to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump, by fair means or foul. She has especially harsh words for those in and out of Law Enforcement who used the full power and ability of the Federal Government to incarcerate people in order to coerce them into maligning the President with no evidentiary basis.


The article is a great read and McCarthy’s conclusion is perfect (emphasis mine).

Trump is their white whale, and the whale won.  Pelosi with her irresponsible rhetoric about wanting to see Trump in jail is exactly the insane and obsessive Ahab.  She will go down in infamy with her crew.

All I can say here is, “from Ms McCarthy’s keyboard, to God’s ears; Nicely done.”

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