The Chicago Way

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The Chicago Way

Chicago not too long ago elected its very first black, lesbian mayor. No big surprise, right? It is a leftist city. Here is what is interesting; she doesn’t seem predisposed to go along with the good old boys there. Over at American Thinker, Thomas Lifson describes Lori Lightfoot, the new Sheriff in town and some interesting fallout. From the article


Chicago’s new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is an outsider to the vast boys’ club whose network of favors and bribes defines the way politics there operates.  A black lesbian, I doubt she was very. welcome.  Now she promises to do something about it.

Dare anyone hope that the corruption that defines Chicago politics will ever end?  Or how about diminish?  Right now, four of the 50 members of the city council are out on bail, and a fifth has been wearing a wire for the feds as part of a plea deal.

The article goes on to describe Lightfoot and some of the cast of characters she’s dealing with, including many career politicians who’ve been so corrupt for so long, they almost don’t bother to hide it. Chief among them, is Alderman Ed Burke, whose actions remind me of the fictional Chicago Alderman Yablonowitz, being investigated by reporter Ernie Souchak played by John Belushi in the movie “Continental Divide.”

There’s one scene in the City Council meeting where once they get to some nefarious dealings, Yablonowitz motions to the stenographer to stop taking notes. Once they get past the dirty deal, Yablonowitz motions for the steno to continue.** That’s the kind of thing going on in Chicago. That’s why I believe the term ‘Open and Notorious” may have been coined to describe the actual Alderman Burke and his level of corruption.

So what? You might ask. It’s Chicago. Political corruption in Chicago is about as common as drunk sailors coming back from shore leave. What’s the National aspect? Here are some names for you, that as part of the Chicago scenery could possibly end up being splashed by the mud flying off of this scandal: Tony Rezco, Obama campaign financier, Rod Blagojevich, former governor of Illinois and convicted Felon, Rahm “Deadfish” Emmanuel, former Obama Chief of Staff and former Chicago Mayor, Valerie Jarrett and of course, The Won, former President Barack Obama. All of these folks know and have had dealings with each other.


This seems to be a time for challenging the “sainthood” mantle the insiders insisted on placing on Mueller, Comey…and possibly Obama. Stay tuned for more info as my sources get it to me. This really could get legs. Buckle up.

**If anyone happens to have that particular clip from Continental Divide, please paste the link in the comments.

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