The Leftists & Their Media Enablers Again Controlling the Narrative on Islam 

Once again, the “American” Left along with their media enablers are using language to control the narrative. As my buddy Streiff points out here, the leftists are so hostile to Christians that they refuse to use the term in their description of the attacks in Sri Lanka.


In this case, instead of “Christians,” they use “Easter Worshippers,” to describe the over 200 dead and God knows how many wounded in the brutal massacre and, as of this morning, several still missing. And yes, “American,” is in quotes, as I often wonder about some of the folks on the left and, with good reason, question their patriotism. Streiff pointed out these tweets from President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton, who tweeted virtually the same message, both referring to the targets of these bombings as “Easter Worshipers.”

Senator Sanders did them one better by leaving out “Easter.” Of course, he would. After all, he’s a Communist, a philosophy that denies the existence of God as part of its credo.

Here’s the interesting part. Have a look at tweets from those same “leaders” after the mosque attack in New Zealand and contrast them with the above reactions. Add to that, worldwide actions condemning the New Zealand attack and actions by the Big Tech to ban any commentary from anyone identified as a “nationalist” white or otherwise. Based on reaction so far, I don’t expect anywhere near such a condemnation in this case.

Both Obama and Clinton clearly identify Muslims as the victims but were somehow unable to do the same for the Christian targets in Sri Lanka. Sanders, however, was at least consistent, using “worshippers” in both circumstances. As an avowed communist, he’d, of course, be expected to view all religions with equal antipathy.


Note that Clinton made sure to use the “motivate the base” words like, “Islamophobia,” “racism” and most important for 2020 turnout, “White supremacist terrorists.”

Here is what is important. The left is about controlling language in order to control the terms of the debate—to control the narrative. In this case, the narrative the left seeks to protect is that “Muslims are a peaceful people constantly being victimized by ‘White Nationalists’ and other racists.” Hence the hue and cry against “white supremacy” and “white nationalism,’ after the New Zealand attack.

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of statistics but, when compared to Muslim attacks on Christians (or “apostates”), attacks on Muslims by Christians are almost non-existent and almost always from some truly extreme and/or disordered person. Attacks on Muslims are mostly by other Muslims.

Attacks on Christians by Muslims? Quite another story. Sri Lanka is just one of many horrific examples where Muslims attack Christians directly, or as is becoming ever more popular (while being ignored by the press) attacking, damaging or destroying their places of worship.

As I’ve pointed out before here, while the extremely rare attack on Muslims by a nominal “Christian” is extremely rare and widely denounced by all but an immeasurable number of Christians, Muslims do quite the opposite when Christians are attacked; witness Muslim celebration of the World Trade Center attack. Here’s why. A significant minority (7%) of American Muslims (as determined by a Pew Study) believe that violence, as displayed in Sri Lanka, is justified in the advancement of Islam. I specified “American” Muslims, as one should reasonably expect that almost no American Muslims would adhere to that philosophy. Apparently not.


After crunching the numbers from that study, we find 25,000 American Muslims who believe it’s OK to blow up other folks in order to speed the arrival of the Caliphate. 25,000! Some may “poo poo” that “mere” 7%. Think about this: Transsexuals are less than 1% of the U.S. population but are managing to upend decades of military tradition and discipline in order that their disorder be celebrated and made mainstream.

The left ignores this. The left doesn’t wish to speak of—dares not speak of — the fact that Islam is the only one of the World’s major religions that has yet to undergo a reformation. Perhaps we should heed the words of Recep Erdogan, President of Turkey,

There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.

Don’t let the leftists control the narrative. Radical Islam…Isn’t. It’s becoming mainstream.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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