BREAKING: President Trump Trolls Democrats on Sanctuary Cities

My buddy Bonchie just posted a great piece about all the Leftist hate and discontent regarding President Trump allegedly pressuring DHS to send captured illegal aliens to Sanctuary Cities. He focused on how the Democrats are upset about that.


Here’s Bonchie’s money quote

Given that, how is it consistent to now complain that the President wanted to send them exactly what they claim they want? I also think it’s silly for The Washington Post to describe this as “targeting foes,” as Democrats constantly proclaim illegal immigration is a general good. If I give you a something you say is good, no one would say I’m “targeting” you.

Just now, President Trump, ever the master at sliding in the stiletto and deftly twisting it, tweeted out just about that very thing. I predict an epidemic of nervous breakdowns among the leftist press.

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