(Feds) Let Smollett Walk

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Let Jussie Smollett walk. What?! did you just see that written by a staunch Conservative in a Conservative online rag? You did indeed. Let Jussie Smollett walk. The Federal Government has no business in this case. If anyone is to prosecute, it should be local and state authorities, not the Federal Government.


My fellow Red Stater and awesome scribe Bonchie, led a team of stalwart Red Staters who cranked out numerous pieces about Jussie Smollett and how the FBI is now going to look into the Smollett matter. Make sure you have a look, they did some great work. My take is somewhat different.

I believe the Smollett debacle provides us Conservatives an opportunity to make our case for Law and Order, The Rule of Law (especially when it comes to Double Jeopardy) and finally, Federalism. Jussie Smollett and State’s Attorney Foxx have propitiously provided us the ammo to make this case…all in one tidy package. However, if the DOJ/FBI take over this case, the tendency among those on our side will be to think, “problem solved.” The case will drop from the front page and out of everyone’s minds.

First of all, the low hanging fruit. The billionaire Governor of New York intends to place Donald Trump into double jeopardy by prosecuting him for stuff he’s already been cleared of by the special prosecutor. If our side cheers a Federal prosecution of Smollett after he was (improperly) cleared by the local DA, then we will have little to stand on when Governor Cuomo goes after President Trump.


Second, this is a clear case of Federalism.Smollett committed an act solely under local/state jurisdiction. Involving the Federal Government would violate our own principles. We should decry the decision of the DA, while at the same time supporting the absence of Federal involvement.

Finally, once the Feds take this case, it will drop from sight and whatever conclusion is reached, will end up announced on the same page as the personals, right next to “Single transgender border collie who identifies as a cat, looking for same to be life partner.” Which come to think of it, might be apropos.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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