As I predicted here, here and here, the Mandarins, the Perfumed Princes of the Methodist Church, have already started to “BREXITize” the implementation of yesterday’s decision. They just can’t believe that the hoi polloi voted against the advice of their betters. The General Secretary of the Board of Church and Society of the United Methodist Church (“Church and Society is the social justice public policy agency of The United Methodist Church.”) released a statement yesterday, obviously a pre-prepared answer to an anticipated adverse (to the leftists) decision. From the General Secretary’s missive:


“I will pray for forgiveness in my part of having participated in a church that has excluded, pushed out and damaged many faith-filled LGBTQIA people. “

Although I’m not getting why she is praying for forgiveness for a non-existent sin, I do note however, that she has yet to resign from her well remunerated position.

Further into her diatribe and like most leftists, she seeks to divert attention away from the real argument via a strawman statement.

We will seek justice for LGBTQIA migrants. We will seek to end conversion therapy, the dangerous and discredited idea that you can change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. We will work to ensure that no one is fired from their job or prevented from access to housing because they are LGBTQIA. We will work to end hate crimes against LGBTQIA people, especially LGBTQIA people of color. We will seek a climate in which LGBTQIA children are protected and enabled to live full and flourishing lives.

All of the above except one (regarding conversion therapy) are laudable goals. They also have absolutely nothing to do with yesterday’s decision. They, like most leftist tropes, are meant to tug on the heartstrings while covering up the true facts of the matter in dispute. In this particular case, the majority of the General Conference, which is the legislative body of the United Methodist Church, decided that deviant and disordered persons who refuse to obey Church and Biblical teachings, should not be in positions of authority and should not be allowed to give official Church imprimatur to what the Bible considers an unholy union.


Take the time to read the entire statement. This woman is actively subverting the will of the people she is supposed to be promoting. Her job is to promote the official decisions and doctrine of the Church. If she is so bent out of shape for, “having participated in a church that has excluded, pushed out and damaged many faith-filled LGBTQIA people.” Then she should resign. She shouldn’t be taking a paycheck from the people who she is currently badmouthing.

This is just the beginning ladies and gentlemen. The Homosexual, Transexual and Abortion mafias don’t ever quit. Don’t ever believe that a vote or an election settles things. Just ask President Trump about leftist acceptance of elections. Ask the BREXITeers about acceptance of plebiscites. Next up…lawfare. I give it one week (or less) before one of these light-in-the-loafers leftists, files a Fair Employment Act suit against the Methodist Church—in the 9th Judicial Circus, of course.

Mike Ford is a retired Infantry Officer who writes on Military, Foreign Affairs and occasionally dabbles in Political and Economic matters.

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