Rush Was Right—Another Nail in the NFL’s Coffin

Jul 21, 2013; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports ORG XMIT: USATSI-136456 ORIG FILE ID: 20130721_lbm_al2_267.JPG
As I was dressing for church this morning, I had the TV on as background. I happened to catch a clip on the Today show highlighting the Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders.


As a lead up to the Super Bowl being played later today, there was a series of interviews of NFL cheerleaders, past and present, including one of the original Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The big “bombshell” however, was the announcement that for the first time, the Rams’ Cheerleading Squad would include males. Following this announcement was a series of discussions by current cheerleaders, including these males, who promoted this decision as “enhancing the ‘dance’ aspect of cheerleading.”

Some time ago, Rush Limbaugh had boldly predicted the demise of the NFL because because of a series of bad decisions regarding safety, followed by the Kaepernick debacle. According to Rush the stultifying set of new rules in the name of “safety,” were in his words “chickifying” the sport and would lead to its eventual demise. He later stated that the NFL alienated a goodly portion of its fan base by supporting the anti-American actions of a bunch of “pampered millionaires.”

This decision by the Rams to include a bunch of self identified male “dancers,” to their cheerleading squad, follows in the same path. My question for the NFL and its member franchises including the Rams, “How does this decision help fill seats or increase viewership?” How does this decision help maintain fan loyalty? Just how many people to they now expect to tune in in order to see a bunch of male “dancers?”


Rush was right, the NFL is killing itself.

Mike Ford is a rabid supporter of the Army West Point Football team and a sometime viewer of professional ball. He at no time, would ever tune in to see a bunch of male dancers on the sideline.

You can see more of his RedState work here.


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