Lifson says, “ Don’t Feel Sorry For Furloughed Federal Workers”

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Dr Thomas Lifson, Editor at American Thinker, knocks one clean out of the park and cracks a windshield in the “D” parking lot today, with his article about not feeling sorry for Federal Workers impacted by the “shutdown.” His three major points are:


—Federal Workers on average make more in pay and benefits than the average American…a lot more.

—The “essential” workers are not working without pay. Their pay has been deferred, a pain for some folks who fail to plan, but not the end of the world.

—Most egregiously however, is the fact that the furloughed workers will still receive back pay!

Lifson concludes with:

“If I am going to feel sorry for people furloughed, I will save my pity for the coal miners thrown out of work by President Obama’s plan to bankrupt coal mines, or for General Motors workers at Lordstown, where the factory will be closed, among many other private-sector workers who are exposed to risks that federal workers can blissfully ignore. Or even more, for workers in the “gig economy” where they get no secure paycheck. “

See the entire article here. Full disclosure, I am a sometime and non-paid contributor to American Thinker.


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